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The Artistic Power of Animal Flow

Being physically creative helps us to become flexible and brave in everyday life. Sara Bigatti tells us how her movement practice led her to a creative project that encouraged her to grow more than she ever imagined possible.
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Flowing in Real Time

We wanted to find out exactly what it is that motivates busy Flowists to pack a bag, leave their families and jobs behind, and fly to a foreign country for a week of movement. Not just once or twice but time and time again.
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Advice for New Flowists

Animal Flow is more than just a workout–it’s a skill-based practice that delivers a host of benefits to body and mind. We asked 10 of our global Master Instructors for their advice to Flowists who are just getting started.
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To Try is to Grow

The idea of failing or making mistakes can sometimes be enough to stop us from ever trying. Master Instructor Alisha Smith looks at the value of choosing participation over perfection, and giving things your best shot.
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Why I Flow: Maddie Berky

When other, more aggressive and competitive, forms of physical activity could no longer help with her mental health, Maddie Berky found Animal Flow. What she discovered was more than just a way of moving her body.
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Set Beast

Animal movements have been ingrained into the movement vocabulary of global cultures for centuries. We’re the first to admit that Animal Flow creator Mike Fitch didn’t make up animal movement. What he did instead was take an idea and craft it into a system that anyone can use to improve the human animal.
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Ryan Hurst: As Long as It Takes

If you want to access all-new levels of physical freedom, the best thing you can do is build a strong foundation. We talk to GMB co-founder and head coach, Ryan Hurst, about physical autonomy, making it ‘pretty’, and why he doesn’t believe in counting reps.
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Making Magic from Memories

Returning to your daily routine after any life-changing event is never easy. Yet with a change in perspective, you can harness the magic of the experience in a way that allows you to infuse the everyday with the extraordinary.
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