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Destination: Animal Flow

After months of isolation due to protracted lockdowns, Nikki Rubino and Simon Yuen hatched a plan to bring some much-needed connection to their worlds. This is what happened on their Animal Flow road trip.

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Flowing with the Family (Part 2)

In Part 1 of Flowing with the Family, we looked at the powerful influence that parents can have when it comes to inspiring their kids to move. In Part 2, we talk to three young Flowists, Ezra, Janka and Marcus, about the impact AF has on their worlds.

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Flowing with the Family (Part 1)

A staggering 80% of kids and teens aged 5 – 17 don’t get enough physical activity each day. A complex combination of factors influence activity levels in childhood and beyond–but it ultimately starts with the family.

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Connecting With the Ground

Taking your physical activity outdoors is not only free and convenient, it’s also loaded with scientifically-proven benefits for your mind and body. Here’s what you need to know about taking your Animal Flow practice outside.

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Movement for Everybody and Every Activity

When your body is connected to itself from the ground up, everything else you do stands on the strongest of foundations. We like to think of Animal Flow as the ‘glue’ that helps hold all of your activities together–from sports to corporate life, and everything in between. Here are eight pursuits from all walks of life that benefit from AF.

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Play Through Movement

What is an Animal Flow ‘Jam’? Will I be good enough? Will I be able to keep up? Master Instructor Madeline Berky breaks down her first Jam experience and discovers that what happens at the intersection of fun and challenge yields more than just a sweaty body.

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