Our Animal Flow workshops are targeted toward fitness professionals who want to learn how to incorporate Animal Flow into their own teaching, training, and coaching practices. This includes personal trainers, group fitness instructors, physical education teachers, coaches, yoga instructors, MMA trainers, and even physical therapists.

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Workshops Overview


L1 is an intensive two-day (12 hrs) workshop where you’ll learn all 29 Level 1 moves, including regressions, progressions, and variations for all skill levels. Explore how to use each movement individually, and then link them together into comprehensive flows. Complete the assessment process to become a Certified Instructor and/or Specialist.(Open to fitness professionals and enthusiasts).

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L2 is a one-day (10 hrs) workshop where you’ll take your AF practice to a higher level of understanding. Learn 10 new moves, as well as progressions for hand balancing. Delve into more advanced concepts like energy transfers, tempo changes and using animal locomotion in flows. Improve your ability to coach clients and integrate the new moves.(Open to anyone who has taken L1).

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L3 is an intense (18 hrs) workshop focused on helping you not only bring your own flow practice to another level, but to also improve your knowledge of the science, teaching methods, and coaching qualities that make a Level 3 Instructor. This workshop provides a deep dive into the 4 Pillars of Animal Flow, progressive Tuck Balance and “Float” training, anatomy and biomechanics of Animal Flow, creating style through the exploration of the skeletal system, advanced movements, and much much more. (Open to L2 Certified Instructors only.)


Mentorships are week-long, immersive experiences all about enhancing and applying your Animal Flow practice. Lead by AF creator Mike Fitch, the 7-day agenda mixes science lectures, movement sessions, practical workshops, tons of Flow practice, epic adventures and social activities. Bond with fellow AF Instructors while learning how to build your AF business and improve your movement skills. (Open to anyone who has taken L1)


AF Kids is an on-line course for AF Instructors who want to implement the program with kids and teens. Learn how to adapt the program for the developmental stages from age 3 to 18, with text and videos chapters taking you through the details of tailoring the program for different age groups. Use the resource library of age-appropriate drills and game to apply what you learn. (Open to Certified L1 Instructor).

Scheduled for release late 2023.


  • All good! Freyja my instructor is real cool. I hope to work with her again. As a teacher I definitely rate her as top notch. I feel blessed.

    Lee Turner


  • Animal Flow has stood the test of time simply because it WORKS! Information is on point and can be proven. Very practical and will test your knowledge of what fitness is. Highly encourage the workshop for all interest and or involved in fitness.

    Anthony Post

    Los Angeles, CA


    Andre Blake


  • I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is in the fitness industry and looking to learn more about mobility! It was incredible.

    Maja Howard

    Hong Kong

  • The quality of the workshop has clearly deepened my knowledge of the strength, movement and agility of the body.

    Jaya Khanchandani