Certified Animal Flow Instructors Level 01

are fitness professionals who intend to use AF in their training programs and/or offer classes

Certified Animal Flow Instructors Level 02

are fitness professionals who want to take their AF practice to a higher level, with increased focus on personalizing flows and advanced moves

Certified Animal Flow Kids Instructors

are fitness professionals who have completed Level 1 as well as the add-on module regarding how to use the program with kids and teens. (For release in 2021)

Becoming Certified at any of the levels requires some additional steps beyond simply participating in the workshop. In order to maintain the quality of our instructors and program offerings around the world, everyone must demonstrate that they meet the program standards before becoming certified. This also means that you can be proud of your achievement, as you’ve put in the work to obtain your certification.


The cost to complete your Certification is included with your workshop registration, as long as you submit the required tests on time. Late fees are charged if you submit your tests more than 120 days after the workshop. You may be asked to re-take the workshop, at a discounted rate, if you submit your tests more than 1 year after the workshop.

Once certified, there are no mandatory re-certification fees. Your Membership in the Animal Flow Instructor Association is free for the first year of certification. After that, you may choose to continue Membership (described more below) for an annual fee, so that you can continue access to the extra benefits. If you choose not to maintain Membership, you can still retain your Instructor title, but wouldn’t have access to the Instructor resources.


  • Certified Instructors (Level 1 and Level 2) are granted a non-exclusive license to utilize the Animal Flow name and logo in their own practice. Each Certification type comes with specific regulations regarding what you can or cannot teach or do with the AF name. You will be provided with detailed guidelines regarding permitted trademark use.
  • Certified Instructors can provide their Animal Flow service at any facility, without any additional licenses or fees required from the gym or club.
  • You’ll be authorized to use the Animal Flow name and logo in your own marketing, including on business cards, advertisements, and your website. We’ll provide a high-res Animal Flow logo for use on your own materials and website.
  • You will be listed in the on-line, searchable directory on the Animal Flow website, including your bio and contact information so that potential clients and/or students can find you. Listing is free for your first year, and can be continued for a nominal fee after that.
  • You’ll receive a Certificate confirming your status, which you can display so your clients (and potential clients) know of your achievement and status.
  • Your achievement will be announced on the official Animal Flow Facebook page, via a special post customized with your photo and certification title, which you can share and use on your own profile.
  • You’ll be granted access to the private Instructors Resource section on the Animal Flow website, where you’ll find all kinds of tips and resources, video tutorials, class formats, and other great information to help you make the most of your practice.
  • You’ll be able to purchase high-quality Certified Animal Flow Instructor shirts available in a range of styles and colors.
  • You’ll retain your certification status as long as you remain in compliance with the terms of your Instructor Agreement and Code of Conduct. You are not required to renew each year.
  • Certified Specialists, as non-fitness professionals, are not allowed to teach the AF program. However, they still gain access to these benefits: Printable certificate; announcement on Facebook; access to Instructor Resources.



You must complete the live 2-day Level 1 workshop. You would take the same workshop whether you want to become a Certified Instructor or Specialist.

You must have documentation of your status as a fitness professional. The specific type of credential varies depending on your specific field (personal trainer vs yoga instructor vs team coach, etc.) and the requirements of any governing bodies from your country.

Examples of approved credentials would include:

  • Having a degree in an exercise science, medical, physical education, or related field;
  • Having a certification from an accredited certification body such as NASM, NSCA, ACE, AFAA, ACSM, Fitness Australia, REPs, Canfitpro, and many others. These are only a few examples – there are many more which we accept.
  • Having a certification an accredited yoga teacher training program;
  • Have a certification in another relevant field including dance, martial arts, sports coaching, or others.

If your credentials aren’t current or you aren’t sure if yours qualifies, contact us.

While we aim to be flexible in recognizing that different fitness disciplines have different types of credentialing, we do require that you have some sort of other formal fitness training before you can become one of our Instructors. We are not a program where you can become a certified instructor simply by completing the 2-day workshop. If you intend to utilize Animal Flow as part of a fitness education/training program, it should be a supplement to, and not a substitute for, your regular fitness education.

You must complete a written exam, which is a 20-question multiple choice test you’ll take online after the workshop.

You must complete the live practical assessment. This is usually submitted on video 30-90 days after the workshop. This includes two parts: demonstrate that you can correctly perform the Level 1 moves; demonstrate that you can design a 90 second flow and coach somebody else through it. If you cannot submit within 90 days, you can request an extension with your stated reason. In some cities we also offer Live Group Test outs. You will receive detailed feedback on your test submission, and can resubmit if you don’t pass the first time.


You must have completed your Level 1 certification

(Note that you may take the Level 2 workshop prior to completing your Level 1 test, but you must complete your Level 1 Certification before you can submit your Level 2 test.)

You must complete the live 1-day (10 hours) Level 2 workshop.

You must complete the live practical assessment. This is usually submitted on video 30-90 days after the workshop. This includes two parts: demonstrate that you can teach 3 of the Level 2 moves to someone else; demonstrate that you can design and perform a 3-minute flow incorporating specific required elements.


Once your are certified, you become a Member of the Animal Flow Instructor Association. Membership grants you access to the Instructor Recourse section of the Animal Flow website. This includes additional instructional videos, access to the Master Instructor “homework” archives (you will learn about that in the workshop), sample class formats, and other helpful information.

You will also be listed in the searchable, online directory of Certified Animal Flow Instructors. Listing in this directory is free for the first year, and can be continued for an annual fee of $100 after that. You are not required to maintain your listing in the directory in order to maintain your Certified status. However, the listing is a great way for potential clients and class participants to find you.