We Invite You to Move

We Invite You to Move

“We Invite You to Move” explores free movement styles and the concept of flow, seeking out the commonalities that drive practitioners to continually pursue mastery in their area.

Animal Flow Creator Mike Fitch talks with movement practitioners from different fields, including break dancing, parkour and modern dance, to learn what motivates and excites them in their practice. The film also delves into the roots of Animal Flow, which draws upon each of these practices while maintaining its unique system for approaching movement. What each of these style share is an appreciation for the joy of free movement, and a belief that building strong foundations in your practice opens you up to possibilities of flow.

No matter what type of sport or movement interests you, we invite you to move. It doesn’t matter what your current skill or fitness level is – just find something you like and get started.

This short documentary was produced by Animal Flow with Earthcoast Productions.

Mike Fitch
Alex Milewski
Amos Renao
Celia Peranaud