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Men’s Health Italy

November 2017

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American Fitness

Winter 2017

Channel Your Inner Animal with Mike Fitch, King of the Beasts

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Train Magazine

Jan 2016

Workout with Your Kids

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Men’s Health UK

Sept 2013

High Intensity Animal Flow Workout Article and sample workout “What makes it so hard is also what makes it so effective.”

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Men’s Health UK

July 2013

The Next Big Thing: Train Like a Beast “Forget caveman workouts, you can build flexible, functional muscle and primal fitness with bodyweight system Animal Flow.” *Also in Men’s Health Australia

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Men’s Health South Africa

June 2011

The Evolution of Exercise

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Paleo Magazine

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Men’s Fitness UK

Unleash the Beast “That’s where Animal Flow comes in. This training system, invented by American coach Mike Fitch, is a combination of animal movement, strength training, martial arts, and gymnastics. Mastering these arts requires beastly levels of strength, and the grace and agility of a freerunnner, so the result is both eye-catching and highly effective.”

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Experience Life

Fit Body: The Animal Flow Workout

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Today Show Health

“Emerging trends and fun classes”

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The Doctors

OB/GYN Dr. Lisa Masterson and pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears unleash their wild side with an animalistic exercise routine to tighten and tone troublesome body parts.

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Good Morning America

Animal Flow has fitness fanatics going wild Class demo

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Onnit Academy Unconventional Training

Mastery of Self

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Stop Chasing Pain

13 Things I learned at the Animal Flow Workshop

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"Venus Lau — Animal Flow expert, certified trainer, and yoga teacher — knows firsthand how Animal Flow can change your body. She has been incorporating this workout into her clients' programs for years, and she's seen tremendous results. We asked Venus why Animal Flow is great for weight loss, and she gave us the inside scoop."

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Total Human Optimization Podcast

Animal with Mike Fitch

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GMB Fitness Skills Show

Dealing with Negativity, with Mike Fitch

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Fitness Break Room

Today, we interview our friend Mike Fitch, the Founder of the Bodyweight Athlete and Founder of Animal Flow.

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  • All good! Freyja my instructor is real cool. I hope to work with her again. As a teacher I definitely rate her as top notch. I feel blessed.

    Lee Turner


  • Animal Flow has stood the test of time simply because it WORKS! Information is on point and can be proven. Very practical and will test your knowledge of what fitness is. Highly encourage the workshop for all interest and or involved in fitness.

    Anthony Post

    Los Angeles, CA


    Andre Blake


  • I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is in the fitness industry and looking to learn more about mobility! It was incredible.

    Maja Howard

    Hong Kong

  • The quality of the workshop has clearly deepened my knowledge of the strength, movement and agility of the body.

    Jaya Khanchandani