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suffer the structure to conquer the chaos

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As Fast as You Can Control

In Animal Flow we say, “Only go as fast as you can control.” But what exactly is ‘control’? Control, or motor control as it’s officially known, refers to the way that your central nervous system interacts with the rest of your body, and the environment around you, in order to create well-coordinated and intentional movements. … Read more

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Upgrade the Burpee

It’s the exercise that fitness fanatics around the world rate or hate. No matter which of the two camps you fall into, there’s no denying that the burpee is here to stay. We took one of the fitness industry’s oldest and most practiced bodyweight exercises and gave it a makeover–Animal Flow style.

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Animal Flow for Boxing

A powerful punch comes from the ground up. Whether you’re boxing for improved fitness or as a competitive sport, Animal Flow is a potent tool for building a foundation that packs a punch.

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