Instructor Profile

Known in the industry as Chaddy. Andrew Chadwick has the ability to apply science and intuition to movement and make it fun. His driving passion is to create health for others, by helping them create energy with longevity through coaching, play, and movement. 


Chaddy has more than 18 years of fitness industry experience to inform his coaching. As the lead PT Academy instructor development coach, TRX and Trigger Point Performance Senior Master Instructor, Chaddy brings his wealth of knowledge to a variety of content creation for various international companies. One of his main roles now is to develop coaches to facilitate continuing education courses. He is now very excited to be helping a leading epigenetics company develop exercise programs to suit different genetic profiles. Chaddy presents at conferences around the world and in 2017 he was named Presenter of the Year by the Australian Fitness Network.


Chaddy has always been involved with physical fitness; his previous careers included being an Australian Rules Football player and coach, and a term in the Australian army. In  2010, his home state of QLD won the Australasian Gaelic Football Championship. Chaddy was a player and the S&C coach and was so proud that the team didn’t experience a single soft tissue injury.


He turned to the fitness industry while on a journey to address ongoing physical pain, and since regaining his health he has been able to help himself and others through movement coaching, he was humbled to become an Animal Flow Master Instructor and realized that his strength is his commitment to his practice and the fact that he gets better and better with each practice.  He brings this understanding to his work with beginners and the ability to simplify the complex and teach his students by modeling his own evolution and showing them that they don’t have to be intimidated and that they are not expected to nail every move every time. Chaddy continues studying martial arts and finds it a fantastic way to learn and observe movement. 


He loves learning how motion can create a better human experience and in particular, he appreciates Animal Flow for the incredible people that practice it–whom he refers to as some of the greatest people in my life. And also as a ground-based, body weight, movement practice and often explains that while Animal Flow may look like movements that you already know, however, the intent is different and thus the outcome is unique. Watching people grow in their practice and develop Is fantastic.  


Never one to keep it dull, Chaddy was awarded the 2017 FILEX conference présenter of the year. Which he describes as ‘pretty damned cool. He was also awarded the FUN award at the last international TRX MI summit, an award voted on by peers. Beyond his two sons, who he describes as ‘pretty good blokes’ Chaddy is most proud that fitpros that he helped develop as presenters and coaches now present courses of their own and present at international conferences as well. 


“I’m always trying to get better remembering this myself – The place is here, the time is now.  A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step. It’s amazing to see and experience improvement over time so just start where you can. There is power in regression!”

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