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Be Still

Meditation and mindfulness are powerful tools for accessing enhanced focus, memory, mood, and more. Master Instructor Dev Vijay shares his approach to stillness and the palpable ways it adds more flow to his world.

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Pursuing Meaningful Goals

The first step to achieving your goals is getting clear on what’s important and why, but intent alone isn’t enough to make your wish a reality. Learning to integrate inevitable obstacles as well as focusing on outcomes is where the magic happens. Here’s how.

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Breath: The Universal Life Force

It’s invisible, universal and automatic, and it can unlock everything from the way you move to the way you think. Program creator, Mike Fitch, shares the inspiration for respiration in Animal Flow along with his tips on practicing breathwork in movement.

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5 Ways to Fight Brain Drain

If you’ve struggled to battle through brain fog this year and your goals have taken a back seat, you’re not alone. Getting your head back in the game starts by understanding why it dropped out in the first place.

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