Instructor Profile

Evgenia (Aka Eve to her Animal Flow family!) brings the beauty of the movement, aesthetics of the movement to everything she teaches. It is her mission to help as many people as possible to become their best and most authentic versions of themselves and finds great happiness when she sees positive changes in her students as they achieve their goals. 

For Evgenia sport and fitness is not just a job; it has always been the way of her life. Evgenia has been involved in sports and fitness her entire life, beginning competitive sports in childhood, and gaining 15 years of professional experience in sports acrobatics, dance, and the fitness industry. She is the winner of acrobatics international tournaments in the Czech Republic, Israel, Poland, and other countries. After finishing her sports career she started dancing and later established her own dance studio in Tyumen (Russia). 

For more than 10 years Evgenia had been working as a dance teacher, she practiced hip-hop, jazz, and contemporary dance, and also she was the leader of one of the biggest dance schools in Russia, organizing different national and international dance events. 

Evgenia now works as an international communications manager in Tyumen Organizing Committee for hosting international sports events. Now professionally she holds the credentials of athlete’s degree “Master of sport of international class” in acrobatics which grants Evgenia the right to coach athletes and she will complete her second higher education in December 2021 graduating as a Master of Physical Culture and Sport which supports and broadens here expertise in the fitness sphere.

As a top-ranked athlete in Sports Acrobatics, a dance teacher and studio owner, and an international communications manager, Evgenia brings an incredible blend of talent and experience to her new role as an Animal Flow Master Instructor which began in 2019. She became the first Animal Flow certified instructor from Russia and now actively spreads Animal Flow philosophy and training around her country and teaches Animal Flow group classes in Tyumen.  “I found my type of movement in Animal Flow. “Animal Flow is my meditation. I can do it anywhere and I love being able to be myself and do what I love. I want as many people in my country as possible to experience Animal Flow program and become more connected movers! Animal Flow has been a safe way for me to do bodyweight training, to stay in shape and continue moving. After so many years as a professional athlete in acrobatics, I suffered from related injuries. Animal Flow changed that for me.” 

Evgenia’s motto is “healthy mind in a healthy body” which she gladly shares with fitness coaches (professionals), professional athletes, and everyday students.  With many years of experience in professional sport and dancing, she knows she can teach anyone to love movement and thus how to stay in a good shape and feel good about themselves. She believes that human bodies are designed for movement. For every person, it is extremely important to find his/her type of movement, to find his/her coach and a community. When all those three things are matched you start to enjoy your fitness journey and it becomes your way of life. 

It reminds me of some advice from my days in acrobatics: “You should not love yourself in acrobatics. You should love acrobatics within yourself”. So I can feel that I love Animal Flow within myself when I practice.”

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