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Inspirational Flow Spaces from the Global Community

Let your environment guide your movement
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Author- Karen Mahar

Flow is not just a creation of the internal mind and your physical body – your body exists in space, and your connection to place can transform your experience. Whether you are marking your vacation with a flow in an epic spot, or just finding beauty in any form around your own home, your physical surroundings can influence how you are inspired, how you move, and how you remember the moment. The array of epic settings found in our natural and urban environments offer endless opportunities to level up your experience.

To help you find some inspiration, we’ve gathered some cool photos of our Certified Instructors practicing and moving in amazing places around the globe:

Connection to Place

Individual Flowists may find their inspiration from wildly different environments, ranging from empty beaches, wide open deserts, and isolated mountain tops, to vibrant cities and imposing art installations. But what these all have in common is the linkage between a physical place with the internal mind.

As futurist and philosopher, Jason Silva describes in his State of Awe presentation, “We make a mistake in assuming that the human enterprise ends at the end of our skin tissue. The mind emerges into feedback loops between brains, tools, and environments.”

He continues that landscapes can be therapeutic–you can leverage a place to inspire an interior experience. “There is a circular relationship between the outer world and the inner world, between the landscapes we inhabit and the inner worlds they give rise to. This tells us what our choices— where we choose to go— is an investment in our mental well-being.”

Spending time in nature is one of the quickest ways to reset our well-being and disrupt any stress patterns that we may be experiencing. It moves our focus away from the pressure of individual or collective problems in the world to an elevated sense of connectedness to the larger world and a greater purpose. We are empowered with perspective by spending time in nature. We can move from a state of anxiety to a state of awe.

Of course, you don’t have to be out in the green grass or sandy beaches to find meaning in your flow spot. Some flowists find a connection to their geography because it is attached to a memory. Or the simple act of moving with intention, in an otherwise busy setting, brings its own version of mindfulness.

Getting Started with Your Own Flow Spot

As you set out to find your flow spot, keep these tips in mind:

We invite you to move, get up, get out, and flow. We are of this earth, and spending time moving and breathing and simply being reconnects us to the earth’s natural rhythms.