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Animal Flow’s First Ever L3 Certified Instructor

Regional Leader Pey Ferrando shows that time and consistency pays off
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Hawaii-based Argentinian, Pey Ferrando, has become the first Flowist to achieve the Level 3 Certified Instructor designation.

Pey was introduced to the practice in 2018 after seeing Certified Instructor and Regional Leader Yasmin Hakki posting Flows on her Instagram account. “As soon as I saw Yasmin Flowing, I dived deeper,” says Pey. “I saw lots of people sharing their practice and inspiring each other.”

Taken with the visual impact of the movements and “the opportunity to train with no equipment, in very limited spaces,” Pey attended the Level 1 workshop in Miami with Master Instructor Freddy Satizabal.

Within six months, Pey had passed his Level 1 Test Out and also attended the Level 2 workshop under the tutelage of Animal Flow creator, Mike Fitch, and Master Instructors Freddy Satizabal and Kathy Donatto.


Pey performs a Reaching Underswitch at the L2 workshop in Miami, Fl., USA in March 2019.

Life-changing movement

“It has impacted my life hugely; it’s helped me become a better person,” says Pey of the program. “I’m more compassionate towards my body and my journey, as well as the bodies and journeys of others. I’ve also created beautiful bonds with Flowists from all over the world. It’s become my biggest passion and purpose.”

In October 2019, Pey travelled to Thailand joining almost 40 Flowists at the Animal Flow Mentorship. For seven days, Pey lived and breathed Animal Flow, alongside instructors from countries such as Hong Kong, England, Australia, USA and Iran. The experience was so profound for Pey that he attended the 2021 mentorship in Costa Rica and plans to go to all of them.


Pey (right) with Mike Fitch (center) and Stasiek Sarnecki (left) at the 2021 mentorship in Costa Rica.


“I wish more people knew how supportive and filled with unconditional love this community is,” shares Pey. “From the very first moment, we are exposing vulnerability with each other through our bodies and our expression. When you feel seen, heard and supported by the Flowist next to you, then that’s it: you now have a safe environment to share and grow.”

Inspiring the world to reconnect

For Pey, becoming the first L3 Certified Instructor is just the beginning.

“Animal Flow is a fascinating tool to reconnect our minds with our bodies, and that’s something we really need more of on our planet right now. I want to inspire people to try it, or at least to feel inspired by the love I have towards the practice.”

See Pey in action with fellow Flowists Fede Orion, Joanna Butler and Becky Ascione.

Animal Flow’s L1, L2 and L3 workshops are delivered around the world in live online and in-person versions. To find a workshop near you, visit the Workshops tab on the website.