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L3: The Final Flow

The long-awaited workshop is here
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Ten years ago in 2011, Mike Fitch taught the inaugural L1 workshop in Florida USA. With just one fitness professional in attendance, Animal Flow’s partner and COO, Karen Mahar, joined in so that the solitary student wouldn’t feel awkward.

Many educators would have been discouraged by the poor turnout but Mike and Karen persevered. They held their second L1 just a month later–this time with 15 attendees.

The Animal Flow community has grown over the following years and so have the workshops. L2 was launched in February 2015 and Advanced Flow Design (AFD) debuted in 2018. In November 2021, the greatly-anticipated L3 certification will be released, ending the series and superseding AFD.

“L3 is the pinnacle of the Animal Flow system. It’s the third part of the trilogy; there will not be a higher level than Level 3,” said Fitch. “Like the other levels, we’ll deliver it over two full, back-to-back days. It will also have an additional online course component, which is self-paced.

“As in all areas of Animal Flow, we’re building-in community support in the form of a private Facebook group. I’ll be sharing homework tasks, tips, and other information that will help everyone on their L3 journey.”

What You’ll Learn in L3

L3 features a detailed and comprehensive curriculum including all of this and more:

Who can attend?

Mike will be personally teaching the first two online L3 workshops over the coming months. Additional workshops will then be scheduled on an ongoing basis.

In order to be eligible to register for the workshop, attendees must be certified L2 instructors. The L2 certification is awarded as a result of demonstrated excellence in coaching, executing L2 movements, and designing and performing an advanced Flow.

“I’m so happy to see so many instructors signing up to join,” said Fitch. “It’s been a true pleasure to witness their journeys so far. I know that they’re so excited to take their skills as Flowists and coaches to another level; I’m inspired to bring them the best workshop possible.”

For more information or to register for L3, visit the November workshop or March workshop pages.