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Inaugural International Animal Flow Day

Celebrating movement around the world
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Author- Karen Mahar

Movement, flow, and friendships: what a great reason to celebrate! On Saturday, August 28, 2021 thousands of AF enthusiasts, aka Flowists, from more than 35 countries gathered together for the Inaugural International Animal Flow Day. Some were in-person and some were online, but all of them were sharing the joy of movement and connecting with like-minded individuals from all over.

Why Animal Flow Day?

Community is one of the central tenants of Animal Flow. Everyone interested in learning and/or sharing the joy of movement and flow is welcome. Throughout the challenges of the past two years, with so many people separated from friends, family and workout partners, finding ways to flow together online, in parks or any safe spaces, has provided a vital outlet. There is something special about sharing a love of movement with others, and AF practice can transcend borders and politics.

When some of our Flowists from around the world asked if there was an official Animal Flow Day, we thought, Why Not? So the AF team designated August 28 as International Animal Flow Day, and a day to connect and move together was created. After all, inviting people to move is what we do!

What happens on Animal Flow Day?

The first of many to come, the inaugural event took place this past August 28, 2021. The plan was simple: Animal Flow Instructors around the world were invited to host “Flow Jams” (that’s what we call it when Animal Flowists get together to practice) in their own communities or online. More than 125 Certified Instructors and Regional Leaders answered the call, gathering groups in more than 35 countries.

Everyone was given the same flow to perform: a beginner level Flow called the Beast Flow, taught in the Level 1 workshop. Groups were then tasked with adding their own flair to make it more personal to them.

The day kicked off with the first Flow Jam greeting the sunrise in New Zealand; followed by groups in Australia, Angola, Philippines, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, UAE, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Turkey, Poland, Italy, Spain, UK, Ireland, Austria, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Barbados, Canada, United States, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Panama, and more.

They flowed in parks, on beaches, on mountains, in gyms, on courts, and online. They included elements of their traditional national dances; they added acrobatics, favorite flow transitions, and funny introductions; they flowed around flags and in front of landmarks. And we’re pretty sure everyone had an epic time!

The event concluded with Mike Fitch leading an online group practice, teaching the Beast Flow to hundreds of virtual participants logging in from all over. He welcomed everyone with his own thoughts on the importance of the AF community:

“The thing that makes our practice and methodology unique is all of you. I was recently asked where in the world is my favorite place to practice Animal Flow. My answer was anywhere and anytime I am with other Flowists. That is where I want to be. Thank you for celebrating this day with us.”

What does the Beast Flow look like? Check out Mike leading the final FLOW:

If you are new, we look forward to having you join the Animal Flow community. Find a Flowist group near you for in-person classes and Flow jams; subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to stay updated about upcoming events, workshops and AF news; or join AF On Demand to begin practicing on your own. There’s a place for you here!

Find your flow, and we’ll see you next August 28th!