MBC 1: Gary Ward – What the Foot


In our Episode 1 of the Animal Flow Book Club, Mike Fitch leads the group discussion with Gary Ward, author of What the Foot. Gary’s program is game changing philosophy in human movement eliminating pain and maximizing human potential. Highlights from Mike and Gary’s wide ranging conversation with the Animal Flow Master Instructor Team include:

  • How Gary’s interest on ski boots and performance helped lead to his current practice
  • The Flow Motion model
  • 5 exercises that are difficult to learn but easy to apply
  • Joints act; muscles react
  • Working towards the point where there is no compensation
  • The place of fear and emotion with working with joint centration
  • Pronation of the foot
  • Giving a muscle no option but to contract
  • Subtalar joint
  • Baby to beast; and quadruped to biped
  • The “Cog Stystem”
  • Higher level of organizing the human structure
  • Genetics versus environment in development of structural “dysfunction”
  • Accessing the deleted program
  • Information about Gay’s workshops

Length: 1 hour 10 minutes

Learn more about Gary Ward and What the Foot HERE.

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