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We Are Family

The Animal Flow community comes together in support of Ukraine
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The Animal Flow community is a passionately global one. We are not defined or divided by country of origin, color or creed. In fact, our community has always been a celebration of unity through uniqueness. No matter where we each come from, our Flowists are our family.

We watched on the sidelines, heartbroken and devastated, as war broke out in Ukraine. We checked on those we knew of who were immediately affected, while we figured out how best to help.

In times of tragedy, it can be hard to know what to do that helps in any meaningful way. So, we did what the Animal Flow community does best: we came together to show our solidarity through movement.

Global Jam and fundraiser for Ukraine

On March 26th, 2022, program creator, Mike Fitch, led a 1-hour global jam from Animal Flow headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. More than 150 Flowists joined live from all corners of the world, at all hours of the day and night.

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AF’s video producer, Sawyer Macres, with program creator, Mike Fitch.

“Our community is our most prized attribute in the Animal Flow system,” said Fitch. “We’ve seen it grow, all over the planet, over the past 10 years.”

“Over the past two years, in particular, we’ve seen the strength of that community as we’ve lived through a pandemic. We may have been isolated but we have continued to feel connected. In this past month especially, as the situation in Ukraine has escalated, we’ve seen some brave examples of that strength in action.”

Regional Leader from Ukraine, Anastasiia Shymanska, addressed the group, sharing her experience since war broke out in her home town of Kyiv.

“On the morning of February 24th, I was woken up by a phone call from my mother: ‘Wake up. The war has started. Our city is being bombed.’ It’s hard to imagine that something like this can happen in the 21st Century,” said Anastasiia.

Also joining the event was Certified Instructor, Artem Kytchko, sharing live, on-the-ground insights from Ukraine.

Community generously supports World Central Kitchen

In lieu of a fee to attend the session, Flowists provided a donation to World Central Kitchen’s #ChefsForUkraine initiative. World Central Kitchen (WCK) is an organisation that puts food into the hands of those on the frontlines of humanitarian, climate and community crises. They have worked tirelessly to provide food around the clock at border crossings and in a number of cities across Ukraine.

In total, the Animal Flow community has now raised $7000 for WKC.

“I can’t thank everyone enough,” said Fitch, “for the donations, and for reminding me why the community is so important to the Animal Flow system as well as to me, personally.”

Donations of any value can still be made directly to World Central Kitchen. Thank you for helping us continue to support WCK’s incredible work. You can also follow along with the replay of the Jam on our Facebook page.