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Animal Flow in the Media

Our top articles, podcasts, radio interviews and TV features from around the world
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There’s certainly been no shortage of news around the world over the past 12 months. 2021 proved to be a big year for mindfulness and doing what we could to stay healthy in the midst of a pandemic. And, in spite of all the chaos, fitness and wellness were still front-of-mind topics for people everywhere.

Animal Flow was referenced and featured in articles, on podcasts and TV shows all around the world. Here are seven of our top picks from recent months.

Screenshot from The Gabby Reece Show featuring a woman sitting on a stool.

Animal Flow creator Mike Fitch talks with sporting legend, author and speaker, Gabby Reece, on her podcast, The Gabby Reece Show. They cover the infinite complexities of the human body, why the floor is an incredible educator, being a great coach, and more.

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  • Germany
  • Source: 20 Minuten
  • “Die Fitness-Trends 2022 sind ziemlich speziell”
Screenshot of 20 Minuten article. Man in a Tuck Balance with German text underneath.

German digital publication, 20 Minuten, featured Animal Flow for its strength and coordination benefits. Alongside cold immersion, mindfulness, and racquet sport, Pickleball, Animal Flow is listed as one of the top fitness and wellness trends for 2022.

Mike talks to Jana Short

In episode 225 of the podcast, Mike Fitch talks to host, Jana Short, about the program. In this 30-minute conversation, they discuss what it means to ‘take ownership’ of your body, the four pillars of building up your physical vessel, and more.

  • USA
  • Source: LA Unscripted / KLTA
  • “A new exercise technique, Animal Flow, uses ground-based quadrupedal movements”
Man wearing dark green pants and no shirt performs a Front Step in a pool of water

Mike Fitch talks with LA Unscripted host, Liberté Chan, about Animal Flow’s Six Components: Wrist Mobilizations, Static Activations, Traveling Forms, Form Specific Stretches, Switches and Transitions, and Flow.

  • USA
  • Source: One Life Radio
  • #1637: Workout Wednesday Mike Fitch – Animal Flow, Dr Dan Engle – Transformational Medicine
One Life Radio text on a blue background with two smiling men

Mike talks with hosts Bernadette and Junior on episode #1637 of One Life Radio. This segment covers the benefits of finding a movement style you enjoy, staying active while traveling, and carving out moments for movement during the holiday season.

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  • Macau
  • Source: Macau Lifestyle
  • “Animal Flow Coach Clark Cheung: Surviving His Battle With Cancer”
Screenshot of Macau Lifestyle magazine featuring a man performing a Front Kickthrough

Beloved Animal Flow Regional Leader, Clark Cheung, addresses his battle to overcome cancer with publication, Macau Lifestyle. In the article, Clark shares insights into his diagnosis and treatment, why he loves Animal Flow, and his plans for a bright future.

  • USA
  • Source: Health Babes Podcast
  • Episode 05: Finding an Individual Approach to Exercise with Mike Fitch
Two women smiling on a blue background with Health Babes Podcast text above them

Health Babes Podcast hosts, Dr Becky Campbell and Dr Krystal Hohn, interview Mike on his journey to Animal Flow. They talk about moving away from dogma in fitness, the benefits of a ground-based approach to movement, and how to get started with the program.

  • USA
  • Source: The Gospel of Fire
  • Episode 210: Mike Fitch – Improving the Function of the Human Animal
Black background with flames and text that says

Former UFC fighter Eliot Marshall, talks with Mike Fitch on The Gospel of Fire podcast. The discussion looks at why crawling is so important to our continued development as humans, being the ‘sole player’ in the game of life, and using structure to create freedom.