Animal Flow Level 1 – OnLine Germany

Animal Flow Level 1 – OnLine Germany

Congratulations on completing the Animal Flow workshop! Here you will find the follow-up information to be completed after the workshop. These lessons include:

  • Step 1: Agreement Liability Waiver: Read and sign this form. (Usually we have people sign this before the workshop, but you can just sign it now.) You need to digitally sign the form, using your mousepad or phone, and then submit it. Do NOT just click “complete lesson.”
  • Step 2: Exam: Complete this 20-question multiple exam. You can even use your notes! You’ll need to score a 85% to pass, but you can retak it as many times as needed.
  • Step 4: Evaluation: Please complete the evaluation telling us what you thought about the workshop. Your answers are submitted through Survey Monkey so that your answers are kept completely anonymous. We also include a space where you can add a Testimonial, if you want to, that we could include on our website.
  • Once you’ve submitted those 3 steps, you’ve completed the Workshop will be able to download your Certificate of Completion. This includes your proof of attendance for attaining your CEUs. Download your Certificate by logging into your My Courses section – you’ll see the Certificate button right there.

    Becoming Certified

    Remember, just attending the Workshop won’t make you a Certified Animal Flow Instructor. To be considered Certified, you’ll need to also complete the following after the workshop:

    • Complete your Live Practical Exam. You’ll follow the instructions provided during the workshop to complete this part. You may end up attending a live group test, or you may submit your test on video. This live test demonstrates that you can perform the moves, and that you can coach somebody else in a flow. You will upload your video to our special YouTube Channel for this purpose. You will receive the login information via email.
    • You’ll need to provide proof that you have some sort of professional fitness certification. This can include a range of certifications or degreess from the fitness, yoga, sports performance, or other physical fitness areas. We have some flexibility in what is acceptable, so contact us if you have any questions!

    Once you’ve passed, you’ll receive an electronic copy of your Certified Instructor certificate, and we’ll send you a hard copy in the mail. You’ll also receive an email giving you your login information for the Members section, and instructions for creating your listing in the On-Line Directory.