Instructor Profile

Jin is the owner of his own gym in Tokyo, JUNGLE GYM. His began his fitness career as a personal trainer in a regular gym, but was soon inspired to deepen his knowledge in the field. He traveled to Australia where he studied English while attending University studying Sports Science (and getting in some surfing!)

Jin has a well-rounded background in a variety of disciplines, including Thai boxing, Kendo, gymnastics, kettlebells, and TACFIT. At his JUNGLE GYM, Jin focuses on teaching his students to be better human animals. He works with children to seniors, and people of all skill levels including athletes.

Jin’s fitness philosophy is to encourage people to be more natural, wild, simple, and healthy.
He focuses on awakening the power to have originality. “We can move free without any pain if we do every day what human body has to do as an animal.”

Animal Flowを日本で出来るだけたくさんの人に知ってもらえるよう日々活動しています。
自分自身もAnimal Flowを日々のワークアウトに取り入れるようになり、身体の色々な変化を感じるようになってきました。
もともと動物には非常に興味があり大好きで、動きを観察したりしていましたが、実際に色々な動物の動きと、人間が本来行うカラダの使い方を融合させて、柔軟性だけでも、強さだけでもない、それらを全て使いながら行うAnimal Flowは幅広い分野の人達のエクササイズとして魅力的だと思います。
その中でAnimal Flowはそんな体に近づけてくれる1つの方法だと信じています。

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