Instructor Profile

Agostino or Ago as he is known by friends, students, and his Animal Flow community has nearly 20 years of experience in the fitness industry as a teacher and trainer. He’s a talented and committed presenter, and when he’s not teaching AF, he is coaching something, and serving as a Master Trainer for great programs like TRX and Trigger Point. 


He brings a unique flavor of experience to his presentations stemming from his previous background specialization mixing music with fitness disciplines, from aerobics and spinning to dance. He loves movement and as his peers say–he ‘moves beautifully.’


Ago takes the compliment in stride. He believes continuous training is the key to improvement and does not believe that failure is an option, instead of that it is part of the path for one to reach the goal. He is passionate about his development and never stops studying and exploring new fields to grow professionally and personally. 


For Agostino he balances his time teaching fitness career to spend time mountaineering, his other great passion: he loves escaping from everyday routine and taking a break on high mountains to face new challenges in the mountain –which he describes as ‘medicine”, “there I can push my limits to reset my brain.”  In 2006 Ago held the role of head trainer for the Italian ski champion Giorgio Rocca, who won the Alpine Ski Giant Slalom World Cup and later became the athletic director for Giorgio’s Ski Academy.  


Ago considers fitness as a form of well-being: it helps to reach a state of grace where the mind and body find their balance in absolute harmony. He teaches his students to persevere and so they do not give up on the practice when faced with the first difficulties, and instead grow to appreciate the magic of this journey. Animal Flow in particular follows this direction, and he thinks evolution in the fitness world will follow this path. 


“I believe that life is a gamble, and one must always follow your passions. For me AF is a global family, I am proud to be part of it, and to introduce many new people to AF. I sincerely believe AF is currently one of the best training programs around. It will gain more and more success for sure!”

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