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FitPro Magazine

May 2022

Richard Scrivener gets down on all fours to explain the benefits of quadrupedal movement.

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Align Podcast

April 14, 2022

Consider your physical performance – when's the last time you crawled your way through a workout or practiced handstands? Probably never. In this episode of the Align Podcast, Mike Fitch explains the evolutionary benefits of training our bodies as animals do: using all four limbs and working with them in a sequence. We talk about relearning archetypal postures and tips for finding more flow in your life when you feel stuck in an unhealthy place or mindset. Mike Fitch is an innovative fitness educator and movement coach with 20 years experience in the fitness industry. Mike has also developed multiple other skills-based bodyweight training programs including the Bodyweight Athlete and is a highly sought after presenter and content contributor.

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LA Unscripted-KTLA-TV

October 12, 2021

In the segment entitled, “A new exercise technique, Animal Flow, uses ground-based quadrupedal movements,” Mike discussed what animal flow is, how to perform different movements and then demonstrated some basic moves. Mike stated, “Animal Flow is a ground-based quadrupedal movement system. It just means hands and feet in contact with the ground and this style or this approach is designed to improve all of your physical abilities.”

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Move Daily with Evgenia Kabanova

March 16, 2021

Today we welcome to the show Animal Flow Master Instructor Evgenia Kabanova. Over the next 60 minutes we dive into the following: – Transitioning from Professional Athlete to Master Instructor and Coach – Leading the development of a movement system in a new country – Overcoming adversity in pursuit of mastery – Eve’s research on quadrupedal movement & implications for health and performance Evgenia has a unique skill set and in today’s podcast we pull from her wealth of experience to give the audience important takeaways for health. You’re not going to want this next 60 minutes of conversation- enjoy!

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Men’s Health Italy

November 2017

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American Fitness

Winter 2017

Channel Your Inner Animal with Mike Fitch, King of the Beasts

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Strength Matters

April 2016

Freedom from Movement with Mike Fitch

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