Advanced Transitions Online Course


Advanced Transitions is an online course that guides you through an exclusive collection of unique transitions and S&Ts that are not included in the Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 curriculums. Enroll to explore this comprehensive e-learning experience at your own pace. Your single purchase ensures a lifetime of access, including all updates and new movements.

You must have taken the Level 1 workshop in order to enroll in Advanced Transitions. Make sure you are logged into your AF account, under the username you used for your L1 workshop, in order to view the Purchase Button.You can log in here: Animal Flow User Account Login.


Ready to seriously expand your Animal Flow toolbox?

This course offers an initial set of 60 transitions with ongoing updates to incorporate new movements as they are added to the AF system. One-time purchase grants lifetime access to the course including all updates.   

The course currently includes 60 transitions, and will be expanded to include all new movements as they are added to the system in the future. One-time purchase grants lifetime access to the course including the new movements as they are added.  

Animal Flow creator Mike Fitch designed the course to accommodate the growth of the AF system in a way that is flexible and easy to access for all AF Instructors. As the program continues to expand and evolve, we’ll be adding new transitions and S&Ts, and possibly even new Traveling Forms. Since we will not be expanding the current L1, L2 and L3 workshops, the Advanced Transitions course will become the exclusive hub for AF’s growing library. The transitions in this course cannot be found as stand-alone tutorials anywhere else and future movements will NOT be added to the On Demand tutorial library.  


The course is open to anyone who has taken the Level 1 workshop. That means you can enroll in Advanced Transitions no matter where you are in your Animal Flow journey.

While the transitions in this course begin or end in movements ranging from L1-L3, Mike delivers a brief review at the beginning of each tutorial to ensure each transition is accessible. 

About the course

  • The course is entirely on-line using the Thinkific platform. You can use Thinkific online or download the app to your phone. 
  • Everything is pre-recorded so you can learn whenever you want, and progress at your own pace. 
  • You can revisit the lessons/ videos as often as you’d like. 
  • When a new movement is added, you automatically have access to it. 
  • You’ll receive a Certificate of Completion when you finish all the lessons.

What’s included?

  • Nearly 4 hours of course material
  • Detailed tutorials taught by Mike Fitch
  • Downloadable PDF to use as a manual to take notes
  • Lifetime access to course updates (ie new movements!)

What is covered in the course?

The course is divided into 9 lessons (chapters), with each focused on a different S&T or FSS. The last lesson is a combination of additional transitions and new S&Ts. For each lesson, Mike breaks down a variety of transitions based around the movement highlighted in that chapter. 

The 9 chapters include:

  • Roll Throughs
  • Front Step
  • Spin To
  • Crocodile Roll
  • Beast Reach
  • Front Sweep
  • Rotating Ape
  • Foot Slides
  • Additional Tutorials
Sample lesson: Tutorials included in the Roll Throughs chapter


When you purchase the course, you will immediately be granted access to the entire course content on Thinkific. Thinkific is an external e-Learning platform. You can view the course online or download the free Thinkific app. You will receive a separate email from Thinkific with your login instructions.

Your purchase gives you lifetime access. That includes access to additional transitions and movements as they are added.

This course does not provide CEUs.

Advanced Transitions is built upon the original New Transitions workshop offered in February 2023, though all of the tutorials have been updated and professionally recorded. Since AT will be continually updated with new content, it will resemble the original offering less and less.

All New Transitions workshop attendees receive a 50% discount for purchasing this. If you are logged into your AF account, the discount is automatically applied.

Log in to your Animal Flow account here, making sure to use the same user account you used for the New Transitions workshop. The discount will automatically appear on the purchase page.

Advanced Transitions is not the same as the old Advanced Flow Design workshop. This course contains entirely different transitions and movements.

You’ll need to take the Level 1 workshop as a pre-requisite to this course. The advanced transitions and movements taught here are intended for individuals who have, at a minimum, learned the foundations taught in L1. This includes elements that cannot be learned through AF On Demand or regular Animal Flow classes. You do not need to have completed the L1 certification process.

Refund policy

If you are unable to access the course for technical reasons, we will provide you with a refund if requested within 7 days of purchase.

Otherwise, all purchases are final. We will not provide any other refunds. Because immediate course access is provided, there is no way to “return” it. We are confident in the quality of the content of the course, and believe that once you have accessed it, we have fulfilled our duty to provide you with the product. For this reason we will not be able to process returns if you change your mind.