International AF Day: Worldwide Jam Listings

We invite you to celebrate the first ever International Animal Flow Day with us this Saturday August 28th! Master Instructors, Regional Leaders, and Certified Instructors all around the world will be hosting over 100 Flow Jams in parks, at studios, and on zoom. Groups will all learn and practice the same Flow designed by Animal Flow Creator Mike Fitch.

What’s a Flow Jam?

Flow Jams are free practice sessions hosted by Certified Animal Flow Instructors and open to anyone with basic knowledge of Animal Flow, including workshop attendees, On Demand subscribers, and flowists who attend Animal Flow classes.

Join the Grand Finale Global Flow Jam with AF Creator Mike Fitch:

Join Mike for the online Global Flow Jam at 10am PT (Los Angeles time) Saturday August 28th. Mike will teach everyone the intro-level moves and then lead the worldwide group in performing the final Flow. This event is free and open to the public, but you must register here: AF Zoom Jam with Mike

Find a Jam Near You

Here’s the confirmed list of open Flow Jams around the world. Check back because we are adding more to the page as we get finalized details from each Flow Jam Leader. Contact them directly for details or to join their jam. All times are listed in the local city’s time and sorted by country.

City Country Local Time In Person or Online Contact To Participate Open Online Jams
Luanda Angola 9:00:00 AM IN PERSON @animalflowangola @pffitness
Buenos Aires Argentina 9:15:00 AM IN PERSON gabita_fit (IG)
Broadbeach, Gold Coast Australia 9:00:00 AM IN PERSON IG @animalflow.in.qld
Newcastle Australia 12:00:00 PM ONLINE Message Helen Ilich on WhatsApp.
web link
Perth Australia 2:00:00 PM IN PERSON natparker_flowfitt
Sydney Australia 10:00:00 AM IN PERSON IG: @yuen.simon
Bridgetown Barbados 7:15:00 AM IN PERSON @animalflowbychanda
Volta Redonda -RJ Brasil 10:00:00 AM IN PERSON by_eddymattos
Volta Redonda -RJ Brasil 11:00:00 AM ONLINE by_eddymattos Zoom Link
ID da reunião: 599 667 6866   Senha de acesso: AFDay
Kamloops, BC Canada 10:00:00 AM IN PERSON @LanaTuman
Curicó, Maule Chile 10:00:00 AM IN PERSON Enlace de IG: @pipe.roco
Santiago Chile 10:30:00 AM IN PERSON Instagram @jlagosm.reach
Macao China 10:00:00 AM ONLINE IG : iamclarkcheung
Shenzhen China 9:00:00 AM IN PERSON WeChat: miacheng214
Guangzhou China 9:00:00 AM IN PERSON 1357982172@qq.com
Paris France 9:00:00 AM IN PERSON flow_with_euna
Hong Kong Hong Kong 10:00:00 AM IN PERSON the.crazy.t
Hong Kong Hong Kong 11:00:00 AM IN PERSON Whatsapp Elaine at (+852)61535137 or Instagram Direct Message
Bangalore India 9:00:00 AM ONLINE WhatsApp 9900187908 Zoom Link MeetID: 832 6380 5805 Pass: 280821
Bangalore India 10:00:00 AM IN PERSON Insta DM: @ape_minded
Mumbai India 10:00:00 AM IN PERSON movementwithsimran
Bogor District Indonesia 9:00:00 AM ONLINE riadiars
Solo Indonesia 9:00:00 AM ONLINE Whatsapp: +6282257817777 Zoom Link
Jakarta Selatan Indonesia 10:00:00 AM IN PERSON IG: r_rukmantara
Brescia Italy 9:30:00 AM ONLINE IG titeyogarunner Zoom Link
Klaipėda Lithuania 10:00:00 AM IN PERSON editukau@gmail.com
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 10:00:00 AM ONLINE animalflowmy Zoom
MeetID: 964 746 4425 Pass: AF5469
Chilpancingo, Gro Mexico 9:15:00 AM IN PERSON kalishystudio
Yangon Myanmar 10:30:00 AM IN PERSON CalisthenicsAein/
Auckland/Hamilton/Tauranga New Zealand 10:00:00 AM ONLINE fitnessbobby@gmail.com,
Zoom MeetID: 847 8588 1404 Pass: 716888
Wien Österreich 10:00:00 AM IN PERSON Facebook/Instagram/email
Manila Philippines 9:15:00 AM ONLINE flowwithange@gmail.com / IG: @ange.flows Zoom Meeting ID: 841 7101
8033 , Passcode: FLOW
Warsaw Poland 10:00:00 AM IN PERSON @monikapol_sport
Matosinhos Portugal 9:30:00 AM IN PERSON @mcaratao Live on Instagram account
Cascais Portugal 8:45:00 AM IN PERSON WhatsApp +351910632176 or Instagram @animalflowbyveronica
Novosibirsk Russia 10:00:00 AM IN PERSON @severayne
Tyumen Russia 10:00:00 AM IN PERSON IG @evgenia_kabanova
Singapore Singapore 9:00:00 AM IN PERSON johnskeat@gmail.com
Llançà Spain 9:00:00 AM IN PERSON IG @nananegre, email nananegre@gmail.com, watsapp +34609324718
Madrid Spain 5:00:00 PM ONLINE Rafa@animalflow.com or @r10_labmadrid Zoom Link
Tainan Taiwan 10:00:00 AM IN PERSON https://instagram.com/tinker_blair
Taipei Taiwan 2:00:00 PM IN PERSON IG: https://www.instagram.com/jnetseng/
Bangkok Thailand 10:00:00 AM ONLINE FB’s AF in Thailand Page, IG’s AF in Bangkok Zoom Link
Amsterdam The Netherlands 10:30:00 AM IN PERSON Petra@lopenmeteenlach.nl
Istanbul Turkey 10:00:00 AM IN PERSON @yonca.akcanli, @afloadedbeast, @sayatayik
Kingston Upon Thames United Kingdom 9:00:00 AM IN PERSON FB: facebook.com/adriana.ghidau.7 IG: runandfitness50s
London United Kingdom 1:00:00 PM IN PERSON davidrobertscotland@hotmail.co.uk
Kyiv Ukraine 11:00:00 AM IN PERSON shimania
Dnipro Ukraine 9:00:00 AM IN PERSON sergey_zimovskoy
Buffalo USA 10:00:00 AM IN PERSON animalflowinbflo IG account
Chicago, Illinois USA 8:45:00 AM ONLINE Mackenzie@maeve40fitness.com
Denver USA 9:00:00 AM IN PERSON IG: @madelineberky
Fort Lauderdale Beach USA 9:20:00 AM IN PERSON IG @rascione
Indianapolis USA 10:00:00 AM IN PERSON gilbogabbins
Milwaukee, WI USA 10:00:00 AM IN PERSON email: hbflowfit@gmail.com , IG: @flowfit.hb
New York City USA 10:00:00 AM IN PERSON Instagram: @sunkingmagnetic or email: sunkingfitness@gmail.com
Oakland, CA USA 9:00:00 AM IN PERSON Instagram @locomotefitness
San Antonio, Texas USA 9:00:00 AM IN PERSON Instagram: Animalflowby_coach_mark
San Francisco California USA 10:00:00 AM IN PERSON IG @neno76neno, 4152986981
St. Louis USA 9:30:00 AM IN PERSON @coach_burch