The Animal Flow Master Instructor Team is perpetually exploring new ideas and expanding its knowledge base. Reading books by great authors in the fields of fitness, health, and movement is one of our favorite ways of learning together. When we finish a book we think is pretty cool, we invite the author to an informal Book Club Discussion where we get to ask them all kinds of questions. We record the conversations and publish them here so you can learn with us!

MBC 2: Katy Bowman – Move Your DNA

In our 2nd Book Club Podcast , the Animal Flow team talks with Katy Bowman, author of Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement. Katy is making a great impact on the health and wellness field with her numerous books about movement, corrective exercises, and lifestyle change. Listen in as the group asks Katy all kinds of questions about movement nutrition, her own habits, creating healthy habitats, and more!

MBC 1: Gary Ward – What the Foot

In our inaugural Masters Book Club Podcast, the Animal Flow team talks with Gary Ward, author of What the Foot. Gary’s program is game changing philosophy in human movement eliminating pain and maximizing human potential. Listen in as the group asks Gary all kinds of questions about his background, the book, training scenarios, and fun details about joints, muscles, and movement!


  • All good! Freyja my instructor is real cool. I hope to work with her again. As a teacher I definitely rate her as top notch. I feel blessed.

    Lee Turner


  • Animal Flow has stood the test of time simply because it WORKS! Information is on point and can be proven. Very practical and will test your knowledge of what fitness is. Highly encourage the workshop for all interest and or involved in fitness.

    Anthony Post

    Los Angeles, CA


    Andre Blake


  • I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is in the fitness industry and looking to learn more about mobility! It was incredible.

    Maja Howard

    Hong Kong

  • The quality of the workshop has clearly deepened my knowledge of the strength, movement and agility of the body.

    Jaya Khanchandani