Becoming a Master Instructor

Becoming a Master Instructor


We are always thrilled to hear when someone wants to join our Master Instructor (MI) team. We currently have a team of 26 MIs around the world whom we employ to teach our Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 workshops. Our MIs are actual employees of our company, hired and trained to deliver the workshops on our behalf. Thus, our process for selecting Master Instructors is part of our administrative hiring process. That means that becoming a Master Instructor is NOT a simple linear path from taking the Level 1, 2, and 3 workshops. “Master Instructor” is not a title one can attain by taking all the workshops and being a great Flowist. When hiring MIs, we look for a different set of skills than just being a great mover, and we have many truly outstanding Flowists who may not have the background or teaching skills necessary to be one of our MIs. In addition, we do not have ongoing openings for new MIs, and hire only when we’ve identified a need in a specific area.

What characteristics do we look for?

We look for several characteristics when hiring MIs. One of the most important requirements is experience teaching, either through formal teaching education or as a Master Instructor for another program. Teaching a 12+ hour workshop is no easy task, and we need dynamic, experienced presenters to deliver the material. We also require a formal education in exercise science, sports science, kinesiology, or a related field, as well as relevant fitness certifications.

We also look for individuals who are good movers, and who demonstrate a passion for different movement modalities and continual learning beyond Animal Flow. Of course, we also look for a commitment to Animal Flow, but it is important to note that a love for Animal Flow and flashy flows are not our primary concerns when hiring someone. Candidates must also speak the language they will be teaching in, and must understand English well enough to complete the MI training program.

How do we decide when we need a new MI?

We create a new MI position based on demand in a region. We generally won’t create a new MI position until we know they will be teaching at least 10-12 workshops per year in their territory, so having 2 or 3 workshops in a country is not enough for us to create a new MI position. Once we determine that we have enough demand, we’ll create the position and then advertise it and interview candidates to fill the position.

How do we select a new MI?

Once we’ve determined that we have a need for a new MI in an area, we will announce the open position. Any Level 2 Certified Instructor from that area is welcome to apply. The application process includes submitting a written application along with a video showing you present; review of your Flow history and engagement with the community in person and on social media; and potentially an additional live interview. A selection committee reviews the candidates and makes recommendations based on all the submitted information. For example, our most recent selection committee that reviewed candidates for the new South America MI position spent several weeks reviewing applications and conducting interviews before making final recommendations. It is always a difficult process to select just one candidate when we have so many talented Flowists in an area.

What is our training process?

Once we invite someone to become an MI, it is usually 6-8 months of training before they can teach their first workshop. They must have completed the L1 and L2 workshops. They undergo at least 6 months of study and coaching utilizing videos, conference calls, and one-on-one training from our Head of MI Training. They then shadow several workshops taught by other MIs; and then they co-teach with other MIs until ready to teach on their own. The training process is a big commitment for all of us, so we don’t begin until we know the MI will be able to teach on a monthly basis in their territory once fully trained.

What are the MIs responsibilities?

MIs are employees of our company, and are required to partake in a number of staff-mandated activities, including:

  • Must be available to teach at least one workshop per month, including travel to other cities
  • Must participate in monthly MI conference calls, which may be scheduled at inconvenient hours for some
  • Must participate in ongoing continued education
  • Must be active on social media, including promoting the AF program and workshops
  • Must participate on the FB Instructors group, including providing the AF Homework
  • Must complete a range of administrative duties for each workshop
  • Must grade the video assessments of all students who attend their workshops
  • Must participate in annual week-long staff training
  • And many other duties as assigned!

How does one apply?

We don’t currently have any openings for new MIs. But if we do have an opening, we’ll announce it so that anyone interested can apply. We make the announcements on the Certified Instructors FB page, and via email to Certified Instructors living in the eligible area.