Advanced Flow Design

Advanced Flow Design (AFD) is an intense (6 hrs) workshop focused solely on helping you design and execute higher level flows. You will learn new moves and trickier transitions, with an emphasis on dramatizing the movements and bringing in your own personal flair. End the day by performing a creative flow of your design with feedback from your course instructor. AFD is open to anyone who has taken L2. The course is offered in conjunction with L2 (taught the day before) and we encourage instructors to take the two workshops together.

ADF Curriculum

Level 2 builds upon the strong foundations learned in Level 1.
Participants will learn how to successfully perform the Level 2 exercises, as well as how to correctly integrate the movements with Level 1 to create extended Flows with an increased degree of complexity and intensity. Participants also learn how to instruct the movements and incorporate them into a training program. Emphasis is placed on understanding how the Level 2 movements train the fascial slings of the body; understanding the role of dissipating force, fluidity, and leverage in the advanced movements; and understanding how to instruct a range of progressive drills and conditioning exercises that form the introduction to hand balancing practice.