Instructor Profile

Swetha Devaraj’s deep passion for fitness led her enter the field full time in 2018, giving up her job as a vascular radiologist in a Bangalore hospital. She is the Co-Founder SweatyNinjas®, where she dedicates her time to teach, train and transform others lifestyles all through online training.

Having played professional tennis in India and college tennis in the USA (Alcorn State University, Mississippi), Swetha was always into sports. She later got into running eventually participating and winning several marathons and obstacle races.

Her transfer from her former job as a radiologist can be traced back to 2016 when she began coaching at a Crossfit box. The immense satisfaction achieved by teaching others what she was passionate about led her to explore other forms of fitness. She has traveled throughout the world exploring many kind fo fitness programs, and has been able to share her knowledge with tens of thousands of individuals through her influential SweatyNinjas social media platforms. Her wide ranging experiences have helped her develop as an Animal Flow Master Instructor, joining the global team in 2019.

“We are all made to multitask and be multi dimensional. So don’t limit yourself to one thing.”

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