Instructor Profile

Richard Scrivener has extensive experience with both fitness and nutrition, and his love of new knowledge shows in the wide range of fitness related areas in which he is educated. In addition to being part of the original Animal Flow Master Instructor team, Rich is involved with several movement-based disciplines. He is a Vivo Barefoot running coach, enjoys body-weight training and weightlifting, practices Capoeira in his spare time, and has previously worked with Universal Pictures as their lead health and fitness advisor.

He currently works as the research and development manager and health, fitness and nutrition lecturer with TRAINFITNESS and is a London-based personal trainer and nutritional therapist. His previous experience includes working as a strength and conditioning coach within Professional Rugby Union, Soccer and Judo. He was also the course writer for some of the UK’s most successful kettlebell courses!

Across a 22 year career in the health and fitness industry Rich has taught several thousand students and has helped guide many onto becoming successful Fitness Professionals in their own right. He has always encouraged his students to see the ‘bigger picture’; specifically to view the health and fitness industry as you would the universe (yes, he is an astronomy nerd, too!) Rich believes that our knowledge and understanding of what drives better health and performance is always expanding and we must piece together all of the clues from many disciplines, whilst remaining open minded to the fact that what we thought was correct one day may be incorrect the next.

Rich is a stalwart believer in “practice what you preach” and subscribes to building health from the ground up for positive and long-lasting results with those he supports.

Through his dedication to his studies Rich believes that we must be holistic in the way we eat, move and think. “Optimal health and performance must first come from being a generalist: nourish the body and the 100 trillion cells which clump together to form each and every one of us; be a skilled mover; then develop strength and capacity. Test your body and mind day-in and day-out with new physical and mental challenges; develop multiple athletic qualities so that you may be a responsive individual to all endeavors that lay before you.”

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