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Parveez Saligh

Master Instructor

Dubai, UAE

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When first asked what he expects of Animal Flow, Parveez Saligh replies with a straight face and says, ‘Global Domination.’ What he means is that Animal Flow is a catalyst for good, which is also Parveez’s message to the world. “Be a catalyst for something good”. He holds himself to the same standard.

“Being in the fitness industry for over 20 years and being a master instructor for 11 programs has helped me to hone and acquire the necessary skills to coach and motivate individuals to become ‘the best version of themselves’ and I expect the same of myself.”

Today, Parveez is the founder of Movement DXB, where education meets human optimization. He has also been a part of the education team for MEFITPRO, the premier provider of fitness education in the Middle East region, for the past 15 years. As an educator, creative storyteller and digital content creator, Parveez’s goal is to educate the region and drive human movement to a higher level, reaching all corners of the region. He specializes in sports conditioning, injury prevention, and creating overall super-humans–and the other half of the day he is immersed in creative work, I am most alive when I have a camera in hand, directing a video clip or capturing a video of myself performing a flow, or sketching my favorite Anime Character ‘Samurai Jack’”

He understands that the pursuit of greatness is progressive and he guides his clients to understand that there will always be personal struggles and challenges along the way. The best way to see the path before you is to have a guide who can help you find your own path, who is willing to be there to continuously shine a light and remind you where you want to go so you can continue your growth. These are lessons Parveez says he teaches so he doesn’t personally forget them. I give all the tools that a student needs to understand the movement, then allow them to explore to find their own truth. A teacher must protect his students from his own truths.”

In addition to his current role heading movement education in the Middle East region for MEFITPRO, Parveez is also a Master Instructor for numerous fitness programs including PTA Global Diploma in Personal Training; TRX; FTC; Trigger Point Therapy; HBX FUSION & BOXING Program Director; STROOPS; and, of course, Animal Flow.

“5 years ago, I embraced minimalism and felt the urge to find a sustainable training system that really enhanced my potential as a coach and to become a bodyweight athlete. Since practicing Animal Flow, I have been able to understand my body better and set goals for myself to improve my strengths. AF is a scalable bodyweight movement system that teaches you to become more human and use everything you own to become the best version of yourself. AF has helped me become more creative in everything else I do. It has improved my memory, and it has helped me find peace and to be centered when everything else is in chaos. The love and the sense of community in lifting each other up is truly special.”

“I blend a highly practical and philosophical approach to living that’s has driven me to seek movement practice and embrace the culture of ‘owning the vessel that you carry that is the human body’. Being a content creator and creative storyteller allows me to bring movement to life through capturing and telling a story that’s inspiring, yet capturing raw emotions of human nature.”

His advice to anyone pursuing Animal Flow is, “Be kind to yourself and put in quality time to practice Animal Flow. Use AF as a powerful tool to connect to what is your right, that is to be more human. It is time earned for yourself. Know that there will be bumps in the road. Take a step back and observe the challenge as a third person. Then learn to navigate what’s in front of you. Failure is a lesson and every lesson has layers of revelations that invite you to build resilience.”


Qualifications & Certifications

  • PTA Global Certified Trainer
  • PTA Global Internship & Mentorship graduate
  • HBX Fusion, Boxing and Strong Certified
  • Trigger Point Therapy Level 1 & 2 and Smart Core Trainer
  • TRX Functional Training Course Instructor
  • Animal Flow Master Instructor