Instructor Profile

(아래 한국어)
Jeseung has more than 20years fitness career. He has been trained a great kinds of martial arts from when he was teenager, and he was recorded Top6 of FISAF World Championship by sports aerobic player. And more, he did athlete training for professional sports players. His major in a university are physical education and food & nutrition, and he majored Clinical Exercise in graduate school, then he got master’s degree of clinical exercise of sports medicine. He has been interested bodyweight training like Martial Arts, Animal Flow, CST and MovNat and trained himself, trained clients. He teaches functional anatomy and exercise training methodology, weight training, kettlebell, bodyweight training to preparative trainers. Nowadays, he owns his gym named “101 Academy” and trains his clients for their health, pain controlling, nutrition, strength, and bodyweight controlling.

Aim “Free movement for free life”, make client’s or student’s bodies better, and harmony between physical and mental bodies. Emphasize the finest movement of joints and muscles, after that aimed finest strength training. Favor Animal Flow cause of those reasons. It was great pleasure meeting Animal Flow, try my best for propagation of Animal Flow.

이제승은 20년이상의 트레이너 경력을 가지고 있다. 청소년기부터 여러 무술을 수련했고, 20대 때에는 스포츠 에어로빅 선수로 활동하여 FISAF 월드 챔피언쉽에서 Top6에 기록되었다. 또한 전문 선수들을 훈련시키는 코치로 활약하였다. 대학에서는 체육학과 영양학을 전공하였고, 스포츠의학분야의 석사를 취득하였다. Martial art, Animal Flow, CST, MovNat 등 바디웨이트트레이닝에 관심을 가지고 수련하였고, 고객들을 지도해왔다. 퍼스널트레이너 아카데미에서는 트레이너지망생들의 교육을 담당하는 강사로써, 기능해부학, 트레이닝방법론 등의 이론과 웨이트트레이닝, 바디웨이트 트레이닝, 케틀벨 등 실기과목을 지도하고 있다. 현재는101트레이너 아카데미를 운영중이고, 트레이너 양성과 수많은 고객들의 건강, 틍증관리, 영양, 근력, 체중 등을 관리하고 있다.

“Free movement for free Life” 라는 목표를 가지고, 트레이닝을 통해 편안하고 활기찬 몸을 만들어, 몸과 마음의 조화로운 변화를 통해 삶의 질을 높이는데 주력하고 있다.

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