Instructor Profile

Freyja is a Health Coach with over 14 years of experience in pain management, injury prevention, fitness testing, pre & post-operative care and athletic development through strength training. She began her career while attending the University of Guelph for studies in Human Kinetics and has not stopped learning and growing since. She is the founder and owner of Move Daily, a Toronto-based coaching company, whose clients range from high performance athletes, to injury-management solutions and those simply seeking better health and ease of daily movement.

While at the University of Guelph, she had the unique opportunity to work for the Health and Performance Centre, thus beginning her involvement with fitness testing, athletic programs for kids, injury rehabilitation, pain management, and athletic development through strength training. She carried on to work for one of Canada’s largest Sports Medicine Clinics, using functional training to return clients to a strong and pain-free day-to-day life and continues to work with practitioners across multiple clinics to provide the best possible client & patient care.

Freyja is among Canada’s first cohort of Animal Flow Instructors and was also a lead instructor for DTS Fitness Education, a Canadian company delivering courses to fitness professionals across the country. Her passion for teaching and movement stems from her years in classical ballet that started at the age of two and continued to a pre-professional level. In an attempt to gain strength and rehabilitate her own injuries, she began exploring a myriad of other forms of movement to include Olympic weightlifting, Kettlebells, gymnastics, Strongman, swimming, rock climbing, cycling, and trail running, and continues to compete in endurance races alongside her family.

Animal Flow has not only served as a way to rediscover fluidity of movement in her training reminiscent of dance, but also as a counterbalance to her endurance races, weightlifting, and life. She takes pride in continuing education and is always striving to help clients & colleagues live stronger, healthier and injury-free lives.

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