Instructor Profile

Chris Flores (aka Chris Flo) brings more than 20 years experience to his role as one of the original Animal Flow Master Instructors. When he’s not busy teaching the next group of certified Animal Flow coaches at workshops throughout the U.S., Chris can be found running his own personal training center, Flo Fitness, specializing in working with adults and injured athletes.

“I believe we never truly conquer anything. The concept of conquer is the same as the concept of mastery. You never truly reach it. The joy is in the pursuit. You can however conquer certain goals in life and once you have done that I feel it’s your duty to help others conquer their goals.”

Chris is the owner of FLO Fitness a semi-private training studio in Scotch Plains, New Jersey focused on movement efficiency. He is also the former Head Athletic Trainer of Westfield High School, a position he held for 10 years, giving him the chance to work with thousands of athlete from 29 varsity sports.

Chris’s fitness career began at a very early age. He quickly developed a passion for training, drawing inspiration from seeing the positive changes training could have on people’s lives. After attaining his W.I.T.S. certification in 2001, he began his first fitness job working at Work Out World. From there he went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training from Kean University.

Chris loves mentoring other young trainers and is always seeking out ways to share everything he’s learned thus far. He created the FLO Network to help fitness pros host meet ups and events. Chris has also created a Mindset training program he calls “FLO-Osophy”, that helps people find their purpose and passions. He is also an adjunct professor at Kean University, where he teaches a semester-long course he helped develop about Animal Flow, as well as First Aid/ Injury Prevention and Personal Fitness. He is also a Clinical Instructor for Kean University, Montclair State University and Seton Hall University for their Athletic Training Programs.

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