Level 3 Workshop

Level 3 Workshop

Level 3 is designed to not only bring your own flow practice to another level, but to also improve your knowledge of the science, teaching methods, and coaching qualities that make a Level 3 Instructor.

Course curriculum includes:

  • Deep dive into the 4 Pillars of Animal Flow
  • Progressive Tuck Balance training
  • Progressive “Float” training
  • Full Library of L3 Movements
  • Anatomy and osteokinematics of Animal Flow
  • Advanced tempo control
  • Animal Flow language and Call Out reviews
  • Musicality
  • Discovering your personal style and flair
  • Breath mobility
  • Free Flow
  • Advanced Coaching

The L3 workshop includes supplemental work that will need to be completed before the workshop date. Once registered, you’ll be able to join our private pre-workshop Facebook group, where you’ll find 8 assignments designed to prepare you for your workshop experience. After the workshop’s completion, you’ll have access to the post-workshop Facebook group where you’re encouraged to post your practice videos, ask questions and support each other as you prepare for your L3 test out.


  • Complimentary access to the full library of instructional videos for all Level 3 movements. You will also receive videos of all the course lectures after the workshop
  • Level 3 manual, in both digital and hard copy formats
  • Certificate of Completion, including proof of participation for Continuing Education credits. CEUs are provided by NASM (15 hours) and ACE (14 hours).
  • Access to the private Facebook groups for students, where Mike will post pre-workshop homework, and ongoing tips and support post-workshop.
  • Listing in the online Instructor Directory indicating your elite status as an L3 Instructor



To become a Level 3 Certified Instructor, after attending the workshop you must pass an online quiz and submit the following videos:

  • Video 1: What does Animal Flow mean to you
  • Video 2: Explaining the Four Pillars 
  • Video 3: Float 
  • Video 4: Free Flows (2 videos) 
  • Video 5: Perform the Apex Flow (2 videos)



You MUST have attended a Level 2 Animal Flow workshop PRIOR to taking L3. As is required for your L2 test out, we advise that you have a strong Tuck Balance practice and can ideally hold it for at least 1 second.



CEC credits are provided: NASM (15 hours) and ACE (14 hours).