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Winners and Learners: At the Animal Flow 24-Hr Summit

150+ attendees. 67 sessions. 2 winners. 1 non-stop day of education.
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The Animal Flow 24-Hour Summit has become a firm favorite event for our global community. Flowists join us from all across the world, attending as many hours of the event as they like in their preferred time zone. A few dedicated souls even brave the fatigue, going the distance to attend the entire 24 hours straight!

We caught up with some of the attendees from Brazil, Turkey, Serbia, Finland, USA, Malaysia, and Czech Republic to find out what they learned, and loved, from the 2022 summit.

As in previous years, attendees who submitted post-event feedback on their experience went into the draw to win a free registration to a workshop of their choice. This year, the winner can choose to swap that for a personal 2-hour session with Animal Flow creator, Mike Fitch. Additionally, one lucky attendee will win a copy of the newly-released multimedia book, Animal Flow for Martial Arts and Combat Sports.

Find out the lucky winners at the bottom of this article.

If you missed out on joining us live, you can get online access to 60 hours of brilliant workshops, lectures and Flow sessions. To find out more, visit the Summit page.

image of Nadine Unwin
  • Nadine Unwin
  • Richmond, VA, USA

“I was excited to try Michael Palser’s Pairing Animal Flow with Hypertrophy Training.
I really liked the innovative ways to work the antagonist muscles with AF Form Specific Stretches to offset the strength training moves. It was interesting to see the creative ways to link Animal Flow training to other modalities keeping workouts fresh and exciting!”

Image of Muhammad

“Tuck balance is a challenge for me. Jin’s Tuck Balance Clinic broke down the sequence into a simple step-by-step guide to help me master the elusive move.

“I have also been experimenting with combining kickboxing and Muay Thai with AF. The workshop on ‘AF Drills for Martial Arts’ [by Regional Leaders K Zang and Bryan Wither] provided insights on how I can effectively execute the combination.”

Image of Eddy Mattos

“I learned about how to better structure my classes, how to create and promote my brand, manage my business, and how to bring Animal Flow to more people. And the best thing is that I didn’t just learn a vision based on one country’s business formats, but with excellent professionals from all over the world.

That’s what I love most about our community: the perfect blend of technical and universal knowledge, and personal knowledge acquired through individual professional experiences.”

Image of Erja Gee

“This summit was so full of useful information and connection-making, and I’m really looking forward to watching all the replays to keep learning!

One of my favorite things I learned was the tips on how to grow AF in your area as a lone wolf by Eve Kabanova and Parveez Saligh. Very timely for my situation [relocating to Finland]!”

Image of Katerina

“I learned many important things at the Summit, every session I attended was valuable to me.
Every time I practice now I know that each move and its repetition is getting better, stronger, and I am becoming more resilient. I learned how important it is to rest and protect myself.

I also learned about the process of degenerating, adapting, maintaining and regenerating, and the science behind it. I’m thinking much more carefully about the path I’m now walking.

I am very thankful I was a part of this awesome event and a very proud member of this amazing and kind community!”

Image of Mirjana Stojanoivc

“One of the sessions I attended was Pregnant AF! where I learned how to adjust Animal Flow practice for a pregnant woman. We learned which positions and AF movement can be helpful during different stages of pregnancy, and how to incorporate breathing while moving. I found it really helpful because two of my clients are pregnant and enjoying Animal Flow. They are so happy to continue with their Animal Flow experience.

Fantastic experience and looking forward to another one next year!”

Image of Sayat Ayik

“I learned a lot of things I didn’t know. But most of all, I learned that we should always remember not to take life so seriously–thanks to David Scotland.”

Watch the video below as Animal Flow creator, Mike Fitch, draws the winner of the free workshop registration and free copy of Animal Flow for Martial Arts and Combat Sports!

Register to watch the recordings from the 2022 Animal Flow 24-Hour Summit and immerse yourself today! With topics ranging from Animal Flow programming, Flow design and execution, to business, social media, and content creation, you’ll have everything you need to grow your existing AF practice or business. To check out the program and get immediate access, visit the 2022 Summit page.