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Nikki Rubino

PT Nikki - Jungle Brothers
15 Underwood Avenue, Botany NSW, Australia

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Level 1 Certified Instructor
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About Me

I help over 30's eliminate pain and constraints through education and movement inspiration.
I recognize that a lack of movement is detrimental not only to our physical but also to mental health.
I believe that with education and awareness we can thrive well into our future decades both physically and mentally.
Getting connected through the ground builds strength and resilience to protect our joints and tissues as we age.

Spending 12 years as a tv editor before switching to coaching I was constantly stressed out and feeling chained to a desk, I understand how your body can feel constrained and not move freely as it used to.

I offer 1:1 PT and Animal Flow sessions either in person in botany or Virtual via zoom. I run a Variety of Animal flow classes in person and via Zoom. For upcoming classes and events check out all dates here: https://www.ptnikki.com/events

Are you ready to move with confidence and continue to do the things you enjoy for the decades to come?
Let me help you learn to move now so you can play for the rest of your life.

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