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Nada Tobgi

Hello, my name is Nada Tobgi, i am an AF regional leader and my goal here is to make you as obsessed with AF as i am =)

A brief intro about me, i am an MMA instructor and ex soccer player. I teach beginners and advanced muay thai and boxing, so my students vary from someone who wants to take a pic in gloves next to the punching bag to actual fighters.

Photo of Tite Togni

Tite Togni

Coming from the mountains and moving among the mountains since my childhood I learned that the safest and most enjoyable way to move is the soft way with the body and the relaxed but centered mind to stay alert . Then I found that this same counterintuitive rule is at the core of ancient yoga : “stira sukham asanam” , move firm but calm .…

Photo of Janet Tseng

Janet Tseng

Animal Flow Regional Leader

My name is Janet Tseng.

I’d help anyone who wants to be a better human animal.

Animal Flow suits anyone, I’d dedicate myself to promoting Animal Flow as a widespread fitness program, it can be a part of everyone’s workout plan.

I’d love to learn anything that improves my AF skill, such as handstand for my tuck balance; Pilates for improving awareness of my body.

Photo of eunate Urrutia

eunate Urrutia

Photo of James Anthony Uy

James Anthony Uy

My name is James Anthony Uy, I’m from Philippines, I am a Fitness Coach for 5 years now, and living my Fitness Life for almost 15 years.  As a Fitness Coach and personal trainer, I really enjoyed helping my clients reaching their Fitness Goals. I do person to person Personal Training, Online Group Classes as well, and for myself, everyday is a new day to start grinding reaching my Fitness Journey and Dreams.…

Photo of María Ignacia Valdés Vial

María Ignacia Valdés Vial

kinesiologist, classical ballet dancer, surfer and outdoor athlete.

Photo of Devrath Vijay

Devrath Vijay

Animal Flow Master Instructor

Your Name:

Devrath Vijay

Audience you serve–any particular niches: 

My clients comprise of regular folks, Bollywood celebrities and professional athletes 

Focus of what you bring to Animal Flow:

I am spiritual and look at fitness (including AF) from the same perspective. My approach is to indulge in things that help me grow physically, mentally and spiritually.…

Photo of David Welek

David Welek


Has been a professional fitness trainer for over 2 decades and logged over 30,000 hours of personal and group instruction. For over a combined forty years he has been intensely studying, applying and/or teaching martial arts and yoga. His unique style of training has been introduced and practiced by individuals from all walks of life, including athletes from the NFL, PGA, NBA, UFC, MLB, NCAA Football and Lacrosse, and high school athletes of all sports.…

Photo of Bryan Wither

Bryan Wither

Strength and mobility coach

I’m a NASM certified personal trainer, Animal Flow and Yoga instructor, Judo black belt and Brazilian Jiujitsu brown belt. I’ve been teaching and coaching in some capacity for over 15 years. I grew up fascinated with combat sports and martial arts movies and took up Judo in university. Animal Flow is my primary practice, but it’s also the glue that connects the different parts of my practice.…




Animal Flow is a fun exercise for me, and I think it’s a very effective method for improving people’s bad conditions.

As an acupuncturist, I treat people and improve their illness every day. I sometimes use AF as a treatment. Since I started AF, I could feel the effect, so I felt it was the best method and I wanted to reach many people.…