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Photo of Evelyn Ferries

Evelyn Ferries

Personal Trainer & Health Coach

Hello there! My is Evelyn Ferries. I love working with a variety of students from all walks and stages of life. Animal Flow fires up my creativity and joy in movement and I love to share that goodness with others. Everyone has a journey and I believe in meeting my students right where they are and moving forward together!…

Photo of Yasmin Hani Hakki

Yasmin Hani Hakki


Yasmin is a certified Pilates Instructor and Regional Leader for Animalflow. You can easily sense her existence for movement as it vibrates from the core of her being. Her obvious passion and architectural background are manifested in her way of guidance and eye for detail towards her clients and in her classes. She believes movement is for the soul and the way to get to your soul is from the body via the mind, its not just movement for Yasmin it’s a healing journey, as it served her.

Photo of Tania Ikeda

Tania Ikeda

Hi everyone! My name is Tania Ikeda and I am from Kobe, Japan.

I am a body weight based fitness trainer, Lululemon Ambassador, and dog lover.

I started Animal Flow because I wanted to be able to use and understand my body better. Ultimately, I personally wanted to grow old strong and fit so I can forever enjoy my life without any limitations.…

Photo of Helen Ilich

Helen Ilich

My name is Helen Ilich. I enjoy working with adventurous humans at various phases of life, including adult beginners, desk jockeys and couch potatoes, and growing children. I bring to Animal Flow, the concepts of bodyfulness, discipline, curiosity, exploration, athleticism, skill and artistry. These elements are integral to my coaching style to help movers discover mindfulness, realise personal empowerment, to connect pleasure with movement practice, and to open pathways for autonomy and towards other disciplines.…

Photo of Kinya Jones

Kinya Jones



Animal Flow Regional Leader

Qualifications and Certifications:

– Functional Strength Training Specialist in Group Courses. Kuban State University of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism, 2013, 2015.

– Certified Stretching Trainer, 2015.

– Certified Personal Gym Coach, 2014, 2016, 2020.

– Certified Prenatal Fitness Instructor, 2015

– Certified TRX Suspension Trainer, 2016,2020

– “Nutrition Support to Clients for Weight Correction”. 2018

– Additional Professional Education “Treatment for Overweight and Obesity”, 2019.…

Photo of Rachel Kermeen

Rachel Kermeen

Women’s Health Specialist

I have been an Animal Flow instructor since 2018 & I’m based in the Isle of Man.

I’ve always loved movement & when I first saw Animal Flow on Instagram I knew that my body needed to move like that.

I now specialise in Women’s Health as a movement & massage coach & incorporate Animal Flow into my sessions with my clients as well as running private 1-2-1 sessions & group classes.

Photo of Dini Kläring

Dini Kläring

My name is Michell Kläring and was born in the beautiful year of 1977. I live in Rotterdam, the Netherlands together with my girlfriend, four cats and just the one bird. I own a movement studio called “The Flow Zone” where me and other instructors teach Animal Flow. Next to that we also include other classes like Yoga Flow, Mobility Flow and Fit Flow.…

Photo of Nathan Kohlerman

Nathan Kohlerman

Men’s Embodiment Coach, Animal Flow Regional Leader, & Transformational Speaker

Nathan is the founder of NeuIntention. His mission is to redefine human optimization and modern masculinity through the mind, body, & soul. He is a Men’s Embodiment Coach, Animal Flow Regional Leader, & Transformational Speaker who guides others on the spiritual path of self-discovery, taking those he serves from misalignment to total embodiment. He has a strong background in transpersonal psychology, trauma-informed practices, metaphysical healing, biomechanics, mobility, movement, and energy dynamics.…

Photo of Jill Ladd

Jill Ladd

My name is Jill Ladd and I am a mum of two grown up children and now a grandma!

I coach people of all ages, though I do particularly enjoy seeing my clients in their 60’s and 70’s progress. I also provide Animal Flow sessions as part of sports team’s strength and conditioning. I love teaching Animal Flow, I enjoy seeing individuals progress, building creative flows together, encouraging people to challenge their bodies and most of all that we have fun!…