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Nathathai Bhukkanasut

Owner Mani Fit
Searchable Address 44/11 Convent Road, Silom Bangrak Bangkok 10500 United States


Not a typical fitness coach but I am a passionate coach with a will to help others improve their well being. Through movement with Animal Flow, I am able to guide you in putting together an exciting program with a combination of Weight Training, Kettlebell, Rope Flow with Nutrition Program. Whether you are a runner, biker, dancer, or any other sport-lovers, I am here to help you take a trip further. And if you are female, fear not what comes your way, I am ready to help you cope with hormonal changes, as I can help design a specific program for you. So if you are here in Bangkok, check me out at Mani Fit on Convent Road.

I started out as a fitness enthusiast who decided to change my lifestyle when I reached the age of 40.  I began my career as a banker turned entrepreneur, with fitness as a hobby. In my early days, I had the opportunity to try out several sports, swimming, tennis, squash, golf and badminton. I was in a varsity volleyball team both girls and co-ed teams during my high school years in Maryland. But it all came to a halt after I entered university years.

After that, education and work took over my life and the next thing I knew, I was reaching a big four. Out of shape and with the initial stage of back pain, I was determined to make a change. Like everyone else, I tried jogging. Though, I didn’t quite enjoy that, I kept going.  I even competed in 10K for about 7 times before realizing I was losing muscles. I also did some biking because I remember how much I enjoyed riding as a kid. Not for long I got into an accident which resulted in a tore rear knee ligament.  I began doing more research and discovered weight training. From that point onwards I made several new changes and seriously changed my lifestyle including my nutrition. I got certified as Personal Trainer as well as Nutritionist from IFBB. At 48, I felt strongest ever in my entire life. Then, I stumbled upon Animal Flow and then my fitness path shifted another gear. I was so humble by movement.  I knew I needed to move better. From a clumsy mover, I now have begun to appreciate all the micro movements as I, for the first time in my life, feel truly alive and can begin to glide along life in such a way I could never imagine in my younger years.  Concurrently, I also took up Kettlebell and became a certified teacher in 2019. Recently, I just completed a course on “Menopause for Athletes” by Dr. Stacy Sims.

What I bring to my students is my wisdom. Not only have I learned the ropes as an outsider of fitness industry, I also know where people get lost in fitness path especially with so much noise from today’s busy social media scenes. I know where the real struggles are for non-fitness individuals. I may not be the greatest mover but my attention to details is second to none.  Apart from the actual exercise routine, I also guide my students with nutrition and strategies to improve their lifestyle. I focus on working with women.  With my knowledge on women’s nutrition especially in regards to combatting hormonal change due to menopause, female students will find the complementary combination of exercises and nutrition highly beneficial for long term results.

I have been spreading the love of Animal Flow through jams, master classes, demonstrations and private classes to several people from regular students, to experienced dancers, ballerinas, gymnasts, Thai national team athletes and fitness coaches. The proudest achievements are not often heard but the fact that they come back with big smiles on their faces, how they find Animal Flow has ignited the fire in them, how much stronger they feel and yet still have fun. Exercise is a stress so it is important to make it fun with a challenging goal in mind. That’s the approach I take to lead all my classes.

Categories: In Person Personal Training, Virtual Services
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44/11 Convent Road, Silom Bangrak Bangkok 10500 United States