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Chiara Bertozzo

Italia Regional Leader
Searchable Address via Buonarroti 1 Ponte San Nicolò Padova Italy 35020 Italien


Chiara Bertozzo, born in 1977. Personal Trainer e Fitness Instructor since 2000! Master Instructor and Formator for musical fitness groups, International Presenter for fitness events and trade fairs.

I’m in love with Animal Flow because it’s freedom for body and for mind, and it always gives me a new challenge for me and for my clients!

My passion is to make peole smile through movement.

I love to transform what is difficult in easy, I love to teach and explain the right progressions, I believe the movement is the best vehicle for emotions.

I love guide people in doing what they are not able to do… I love to make peole feel capable!

I’m AF certificated level 2 and ADF, I’ve join in two fantastic Mentorships.. and I’m honoured to be Italian Regional Leader!

For me training is… having an efficient body for life… for doing what you like to do!!! Training means … Allow yourself to follow your passions! My passions are walking, running, climbing, staying in the nature!

When I see that my clients are fine… that’s my happyness and my goal!

Looking forward to share my experiences with you!

Categories: In Person Classes, In Person Personal Training
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via Buonarroti 1 Ponte San Nicolò Padova Italy 35020 Italien