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Aung Aein Aein

Searchable Address 17/ C Maykha road Mayangone township Yangon, Myanmar Yangon Myanmar 11061 United States Contact Phone: +959799909090


Promoting Calisthenics in Myanmar specialized in body weighting training
Mind body meditation and expressing yourself through movements
I started this job as a trainer just because of my passion and im still eager to learn more.
I am able to reach within my self which allows me to see where I am weak and where i am strong
As I am a soccer player/ calisthenics freestyler movement is very important and Animal Flow is the key to learn about your own body and your own mind connection .
I am Nasm certified and Animal Flow L1 instructor currently working on several certifications like calisthenics, glute specialist and nutrition with all these qualifications doesn’t mean anything unless you really care about your clients and only if you are able to go through their fear and obstacles with them. Best moment is earning their trust while guiding them through movements and working together on cues and details.
Being able to play and dance , even with cars as an race car enthusiast I love to drift ( dancing , sliding sideways with your car) which is almost same with dancing and expressing yourself in a way movement was always apart of my life and imagine not being able to tame your 800 horsepower car. Since then my greatest fear was having a super jacked up body and not being able to move properly.
Always be a great learner listen to people you admire and look up to take what is useful for you and take out what is not, take one step after another and keep going with the flow.

Categories: In Person Classes, In Person Personal Training, Virtual Services
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17/ C Maykha road Mayangone township Yangon, Myanmar Yangon Myanmar 11061 United States