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Alena Bogdanova

Searchable Address Moscow Russia Contact Phone: +79060668757


Hello everyone!

My name is Alena Bogdanova, I`m Regional Leader from Russia, Moscow.

Usually my audience is girls and women from 25 to 45 years old and children

Animal Flow is the beauty and aesthetics of movement for the benefit of body and mind.
Classes in a friendly atmosphere, where there are no fears and embarrassment that you will not succeed.

Animal Flow is an opportunity to show that your body and mind are capable of more than you think.

As a child, I wanted to practice dancing but ended up in the karate section.
I became a professional athlete, master of sports in karate and a member of the Russian national team.
I won the highest level Karate competitions in the discipline “Kata” –
it’s “fight with the shadow” set of movements in a certain sequence.

All my life is connected with sports and not
could be otherwise to bring people favor, make their healthier and happier.

I became a fitness coach:
I train children and adults already 10 years.

When I first saw Animal
Flow in it merged with my dream from childhood dance and my life Karate: flow of movements, such beautiful, fascinating and strong.

I started doing ANIMAL FLOW for myself as hobby but then I realized that I can’t leave knowledge about it only for myself and passed Instructor Workshop to have the opportunity to share Animal Flow to people.

One of the last moments for pride it becomes Regional Leader of ANIMAL FLOW. I am proud that RL status allows me to represent ANIMAL FLOW on different conventions and events and even more people learn about this unique technique.

Animal Flow It’s Not About Animals. It’s about people.

I am proud to be motivator for people. If after my workouts or just meetings with me person will be better himself yesterday – That mean I do the right thing.

Your body and mind can do better than that. And I’ll show you it.

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