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Aung Aein Aein

Promoting Calisthenics in Myanmar specialized in body weighting training
Mind body meditation and expressing yourself through movements
I started this job as a trainer just because of my passion and im still eager to learn more.
I am able to reach within my self which allows me to see where I am weak and where i am strong
As I am a soccer player/ calisthenics freestyler movement is very important and Animal Flow is the key to learn about your own body and your own mind connection .…

Photo of Chiara Bertozzo

Chiara Bertozzo

Italia Regional Leader

Chiara Bertozzo, born in 1977. Personal Trainer e Fitness Instructor since 2000! Master Instructor and Formator for musical fitness groups, International Presenter for fitness events and trade fairs.

I’m in love with Animal Flow because it’s freedom for body and for mind, and it always gives me a new challenge for me and for my clients!…

Nathathai Bhukkanasut


Photo of Gabrielle Bradley

Gabrielle Bradley

Hi! My name is Gabi Bradley and in no particular order, I’m an athlete, wife, mom, teacher, and coach. I currently coach in person at a CrossFit box in Indianapolis but have recently begun coaching Animal Flow online. I’m also a certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism coach.

My passion for fitness and movement stems from my athletic career as a soccer player.…

Photo of Chan Bronson

Chan Bronson


Hola! I am Bronson from sunny island Singapore and I am an Animal Flow Regional Leader. I have been sharing and spreading the wonderful and awesome movement of Animal Flow for the last 4 years especially in Singapore! It is simply amazing how Animal Flow changed the fitness journey of all my clients in a positive way.…

Photo of Joanna Butler

Joanna Butler

Hey, I am Joanna Butler AF Instructor and Regional Leader based in Dublin, Ireland.

I want to help anyone curious and open to experiencing the power and beauty of movement from the ground up. Whether you are a complete beginner excited about discovering the benefits to you of improving your functional range of movement or an athlete looking for new tools to enhance your range of motion, build strength, endurance, find connection through breath and mental focus within your own body to optimize performance I am here to work together with you, to inspire you to learn, practice and ultimately take ownership of how you want your body to move, feel and function.…

Photo of Patrick Cushing

Patrick Cushing

Patrick moved from the East Coast to California in 2019 after several years spinning his wheels working 9-5 desk jobs while always keeping movement and fitness as a side gig. Once in San Jose, his eyes were opened to the many different ways the human body can move, and more importantly the ways it can move the world around it.…

Lashaun Dale

Photo of Alejandra Diaz Mercado Chavez

Alejandra Diaz Mercado Chavez

My name is Alejandra Diaz Mercado and my Animal Flow nickname is “Slinky Zombie” which I earned after bringing Animal Flow to a Bodybuilding stage in 2017.

My clients are precious and unique to me, so I work online and in person on a 1 on 1 basis for the most part. 80% of my clients are new to personal training and Animal Flow and 20% are gifted movers seeking a breakthrough experience.…

Photo of Yasmin Hani Hakki

Yasmin Hani Hakki


Yasmin is a certified Pilates Instructor and Regional Leader for Animalflow. You can easily sense her existence for movement as it vibrates from the core of her being. Her obvious passion and architectural background are manifested in her way of guidance and eye for detail towards her clients and in her classes. She believes movement is for the soul and the way to get to your soul is from the body via the mind, its not just movement for Yasmin it’s a healing journey, as it served her.