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Aung Aein Aein

Promoting Calisthenics in Myanmar specialized in body weighting training
Mind body meditation and expressing yourself through movements
I started this job as a trainer just because of my passion and im still eager to learn more.
I am able to reach within my self which allows me to see where I am weak and where i am strong
As I am a soccer player/ calisthenics freestyler movement is very important and Animal Flow is the key to learn about your own body and your own mind connection .…

Photo of Angelica Jacinto Alberto

Angelica Jacinto Alberto

Mindful Movement Coach

I am Angelica Alberto from the Philippines: certified couch potato-turned-internationally certified mindful movement coach. 

I am passionate about working with fitness newbies – people who feel unconfident, uncoordinated, and unsure about their movement, or who feel like guests in their own bodies. It is these people who need the most help, and need movement the MOST, yet they are often left behind or forgotten.…



Actually I am an art director doing desk work. Before I met Animal Flow, I was doing sports just living healthy. This family, which attracted me as soon as I met, ignited my feeling of being an Animal Flow instructor after a while. It is a great feeling to convey its benefits to people, which offers the opportunity to exercise intensely despite many discomfort and limitations.…

Photo of Miroslaw Basciuk

Miroslaw Basciuk

Miroslaw Basciuk brings more than 20 years martial arts experience to his role as an Animal Flow Master Instructor. Miro obtained the Hung Gar Kung Fu master title in 2014. He is the founder the “Tiger and Crane Sports Academy”, where he teaches Kung Fu, Animal Flow, Fighting Monkey and Kettlebells Strong First system together with a group of instructors.…

Photo of Chiara Bertozzo

Chiara Bertozzo

Italia Regional Leader

Chiara Bertozzo, born in 1977. Personal Trainer e Fitness Instructor since 2000! Master Instructor and Formator for musical fitness groups, International Presenter for fitness events and trade fairs.

I’m in love with Animal Flow because it’s freedom for body and for mind, and it always gives me a new challenge for me and for my clients!…

Nathathai Bhukkanasut


Not a typical fitness coach but I am a passionate coach with a will to help others improve their well being. Through movement with Animal Flow, I am able to guide you in putting together an exciting program with a combination of Weight Training, Kettlebell, Rope Flow with Nutrition Program. Whether you are a runner, biker, dancer, or any other sport-lovers, I am here to help you take a trip further.

Photo of Alena Bogdanova

Alena Bogdanova

Hello everyone!

My name is Alena Bogdanova, I`m Regional Leader from Russia, Moscow.

Usually my audience is girls and women from 25 to 45 years old and children

Animal Flow is the beauty and aesthetics of movement for the benefit of body and mind.
Classes in a friendly atmosphere, where there are no fears and embarrassment that you will not succeed.…

Photo of T.J. Booe

T.J. Booe

Senior Director of Strength & Performance

Dr. Perry Nickelston told me “If you are looking for another certification…”Its Animal Flow no question”. Since then I have invested intensively in the practice of Animal Flow for both my own training and that of the people I train. It has changed the game physical movement intelligence and athleticism for everyone! I practice daily in some form whether it be wrist mobilities, form specific stetches, skill work in in heavy training sessions or full on flow sessions.

Photo of Gabrielle Bradley

Gabrielle Bradley

Hi! My name is Gabi Bradley and in no particular order, I’m an athlete, wife, mom, teacher, and coach. I currently coach in person at a CrossFit box in Indianapolis but have recently begun coaching Animal Flow online. I’m also a certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism coach.

My passion for fitness and movement stems from my athletic career as a soccer player.…

Photo of Chan Bronson

Chan Bronson


Hola! I am Bronson from sunny island Singapore and I am an Animal Flow Regional Leader. I have been sharing and spreading the wonderful and awesome movement of Animal Flow for the last 4 years especially in Singapore! It is simply amazing how Animal Flow changed the fitness journey of all my clients in a positive way.…