Instructor Profile

As an Animal Master Instructor and former pro-athlete, Sascha is able to engineer tremendous results for his clients. In January 2013 Sascha founded the Amsterdam based company Transatlantic Fitness as a functional products and education company for the BeNeLux market. After 2.5 years of successfully growing Transatlantic Fitness, Sascha opened up a Personal Training and Group Fitness Club in Amsterdam – “MT Fitness”. Nowadays living in Franfurt, Germany commuting between Amsterdam and Frankfurt after selling the Personal Training business focusing on several other projects which are all around being fit, healthy and happy.

In his twenties, Sascha travelled the world as a professional skateboarder. By 2006 Sascha had achieved a global ranking of 12th in the sport of vert skateboarding. After an active career in the action sports world Sascha became team manager for his long time sponsor, “Quiksilver” in Germany and Austria. While working with Quiksilver, Sascha’s passion for sports, movement and fitness grew which motivated him to pursue a career in the fitness industry. Sascha went on to work with Technogym, Powerplate, and Transatlantic Fitness. From 2009 until early 2012 Sascha taught TRX Suspension Training Courses with Transatlantic Fitness all over Germany. After a short period as a supervisor in the Doha (Qatar) Sheraton Hotel, Sascha moved back to Europe in order to follow his passion, personal training and take on new business opportunities.

“Coming from an athletic background – training in a 3 dimensional and multi planar manner has always been my passion and made me feel good. Movement is key to a healthy, pain free and long lasting body. Animal Flow combines everything I am personally looking for in a smart workout: strength, coordination & challenges! It is an amazing experience to be with Mike Fitch and my Animal Flow MI Colleagues, and see how the program is developing around the framework that we as MI´s are teaching week by week in workshops around the globe. I am grateful for teaching this program to so many workshop attandees who then again pass it on to their clients, friends and patients.“

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