Instructor Profile

Rafa Diez is the founder of Movenat Entrenamiento Natural in Madrid, Spain, which offers non-conventional training from real movement experts.  Amongst the company’s many educational offerings, they manage the Animal Flow program throughout Spain.

Rafa is President of the Barefoot Running Society and offers coaching for barefoot runners as a BTR and Vivobarefoot expert. He was also the first Spartan Race Coach in Spain bringing Obstacle Races to Spain and offering a related official training.  His background also includes “traditional” sports like mountaineering, climbing, MTB, ultra-trail running, kickboxing and Aikido.

Rafa’s journey into bodyweight and movement training was inspired by his experience of overcoming tremendous injuries. After a near death motorcycle accident, he was given just 24 hours to live by his doctors. His recovery process included extensive exploring, learning, meeting and getting certified with some of the best movers from all over the world (which included meeting Mike Fitch!)  After his recovery he Founded Entrenamiento Natural, “Real and Pure Movement Specialists.”

Rafa promotes Animal Flow as the “movement revolution”, and believes that functional movement is an incredibly valuable component to individual fitness.  He believes you must gain and reclaim control of movement, prior to loading weight or running far. Rafa teaches that movement is the basis for far more complex and exigent exercise than people are aware of.  Step one: control yourself.

“You are not going to be here forever, so don’t waste your time. Train for real life, but live a real life. Change your lifestyle: feel, move, explore. Take risks and get dirty. Feel free. And Flow. Be strong to be useful, move smarter, move more, move better, move REAL.” – Rafa

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